The following is a preemptive statement against any people prone to fanaticism, who happen to wander across my writings, and decide to call it a religion. Hopefully none of this will ever be at issue. It's extremely paranoid really, but I can't bear the thought of being at the root of another dogma spewing house of us-vs-them.

Above all else, these are the words of man.

My god is the sum of all beauty in the world. It is not a being. It cannot speak, so it has no words. Now, at the moment, I think that my philosophical statements are fairly well written and accurate statements of what I believe right now. In that sense you could say they are words of god, meaning words of beauty, but that is it.

These are the words of man. So were Hitler's, and the statements of Osama Bin Laden. Remember what you are reading.

To elaborate on that, I am not a prophet.

Don't worship me. Don't expect that everything I say is right (it's not.) Don't make me a celebrity. And for god's sake, don't call this set of beliefs Justinism or something equally silly like that.

All beliefs are holy.

Whatever gives a person strength, whatever gives him peace, and makes him a boon to the world, that is what he should believe. Faith staring defiantly in the face of reason is a beautiful thing.

Now, if someone believes that his god wants him to go around killing people, it might be necessary, as a matter of self preservation and the general betterment of the world, to try and convince him otherwise. But at that point, it is as much a matter for the laws of man as anything else.

To elaborate on that, don't go around actively trying to convert people.

If somebody asks you what you believe, by all means tell him, but how much of the world's suffering has been because of people hating each other for worshiping god in different ways? If a person is happy with his beliefs, leave him alone. Trying to change someone who doesn't want to change creates conflict. Conflict is ugly. Conflict undermines god. God is peace. Work for god, not against it.

This is just what I believe.

If you like some of my ideas, but don't agree with the above statements, peace to you and good fortune, but please don't claim any connection with me. I don't want your beliefs falsely reflecting on mine - better or worse. False information obscures the image of god.