Inspiration is a voice that wants to be heard; it will keep repeating it's message and bouncing off the walls of your head until you let it out. This is one such voice; maybe it it will stop bothering me now. - Why this page (and most of this site) is here.

am a wise man said the fool.
I am a fool said the wise man.

The only thing you can assume is that you can't assume anything. (not absolutly sure this is mine.)

Keep on Dreaming. (Not overly original, but I like it.)


I don't suppose you know how to put an 'under construction' sign on my life?


Well, not unless you can find life:// to put uconst.hlml at. Of course there aren't that many books on HLML, (Hyper Life Markup Language) but it would make things a bit easier. Except then people would start trying to add java, and you would see 'this life requires generation X 3.0 to understand' signs everwhere. I don't even want think about the types of plugins one would need.

I never understood the worth of a picture until I had something worth remembering.

I havn't done anything productive yet today, why start now?