So, call me a romantic.

This is just another little thing I started doing. If you have anything you've heard or made up, go ahead and send it to me.

This page is mostly but not exclusively dedicated to romantic love.

From Myself:

Love is...

  • ...forever, and for this moment alone.
  • ...knowing you look like an idiot and doing it anyway.
  • ...a rose, to walk as a path. 99% thorns and a big pretty looking thing at the end.
  • ...the greatest movie (or play or whatever) ever made. You hear glorious reviews - it has everthing: joy, hope, sadness, struggle. You would like to go decide for yourself, but, as a result of the rave reviews, tickets are sold out for the forseeable future; everytime you think you have one, it turns out to be a fake or they oversold.

From Other Sources:

Love is...