Circuit Designer

This is the game I made for the 3rd 48-hour game programming competition at Ludum Dare. For more information about my experience, read the log, the postmortum, and Sequence For A 48-hour Game



This is an old program I wrote using a lethargic 3d engine from a book. If you have a P90+ you can probably run it OK, and running around shooting people is time-honored method of game play.

a screenshot

Smash n' Match


Another one raised from the dead, this time from QuickBasic. Seeing how fast this ran on our 386 (at the time a decent computer) is what made me decide to switch to C/C++, but just about everybody should be able to handle it now, and I even built in some primitive speed adjustment so it doesn't run too fast, but it may still take a few minutes to catch up to your machine depending on how different it is from mine. Oh, and something you can't get from the screenshot: all the pieces are animated.

a screenshot



A blob that slides around the windows desktop. I never released it because I never figured out how to solve the flicker problem. It could also run in a window flicker-free.



Like, many people, I cut my programming on BASIC, GW-BASIC in particular. For kicks I'm posting my original collection of games and test programs. Some might actually be programs I typed in from magazines - I can't tell because these appear to be 'encoded' source files only understood by GW-BASIC.

Here's a copy of a role playing game I made up, using the Storyteller system. You play the Chosen few avatars of good and evil who fight for the fate of the world. Includes over 200 neat powers.

This is a slightly htmlized version of the text document, which I've pretty much given up on working with.