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My Creed

To tease order from disorder. To make right what is wrong and make a visible difference in the lives of people I care about. To apply my analytical talents where they have maximum effect, addressing the root cause to resolve each situation once and forever.

I do too many things, really, so all of them suffer


In 2005 I got a Dusty strings FH36B Harp. As of this writing I can play several songs tolerably well (that is, with only a few mistakes.)

Martial Arts

In 1999, I started doing Martial Arts. You can read more about my accomplishments there. Later, I designed the aforementioned website.


In 1998 I graduated from the Computer Science department of Cornell College. I am an alum and ex vice president of the Cornell Chess and Games Club


Shortly after college I was hired by Creative Electronics and Software, Inc. (manufacturing website, games website) I redid both websites, but they don't give me much content to put on them.

Games Projects:

CES Contract work:


Around 1994, after a few years of Magic, I starting tinkering with board and card game design design. I had dabbled with role-playing game design before (~1994) and at other times, as well as computer games long before that (starting late 80's with BASIC).


For more information, see my online journal

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