There are a couple of sidewalks in town that I use regularly. Most of them are by houses, so they stay pretty clean. Others aren't - like the field next to the 7-11. Ever since those two things got added to that particular stretch of roadside, litter has been steadily accumulating. A few weeks ago, I realized that I am often walking home on that sidewalk, with at least one free hand. So, I find at least one piece or trash and take care of it. I prefer things that are recyclable but not biodegradable - that's where my action makes the biggest difference. Of course, I'll start picking up the rest as soon as these things are gone.

What really made me think about this, though is the waterfall. There has always been a styrofoam cup or some other piece of trash about, but I pretty much ignored the few little things. Recently, someone left a water bottle and a used car magazine lying on the picnic table; the magazine got thrown around and separated a bit. That starts to look ugly. I enjoy going down to the waterfall, so it's time to give something back. I rode my bike down, and didn't take anything with me, but I'm bringing a sack next time.

What places do you enjoy? Pick it up.