This was a character story for the RPG Kult. Each character rolls a 'dark secret,' and I got 'secret pact with dark powers.' This is how I managed to work with that and not have the character be evil.

I said I'd give anything.
Something was listening.

"Marry me Ana."

The smiling gasp and look in her eyes when she saw the ring had already told me the answer.

We got a round of applause from the restaurant when she said "Yes!"

Ana was holding tightly on to my arm as we walked a ways back to where we had parked, leaning her head on my shoulder with the biggest smile I had ever seen and playfully leaning against me to throw off my stride now and then.

Then someone stepped out of the shadows. His hand came out of his pocket and I heard the gun click before I saw it.

"Just keep it quiet and hand over all your money."

Ana clutched tighter to me, bringing her hand into view.

"Nice ring." said the mugger with a grin.

Ana screamed.

"I said be quiet bitch!"


I was in shock for a moment, and I think he was too. Then Ana slumped to the ground and the anger took over.

One fist hit him in the jaw, while the other hand grabbed the gun and started twisting. A moment later when the gun was free a kick to the chest sent him flying backwards.

He was in the middle of standing back up when he looked up. I could see the fear in his eyes when he saw the gun pointed at him.


I don't think I've ever done a cleaner heart shot. He hit the ground about the same time the gun did. I dropped to my knees by Ana, and began feverishly tearing off my jacket to rip into bandages and stop the bleeding.


By the time I was done, I didn't even bother running for help. I could tell it was too late. She was just lying there, holding my hand, and crying. I could the see the life that would never be flashing through her eyes; A white dress, a house, probably children.

A faint labored "Gabe..." escaped her lips before she drifted into unconsciousness, and I felt her grip loosen.

"Ana... No.." I said through tears. I felt so helpless. Two years of dating, hoping, loving, planning, dreaming... and now I could do nothing. "...I'd give anything to save you."

"Anything?" said a woman's voice. It was smooth and powerful - like a snake.

I looked up and saw a woman that reminded me of Morticia Adams. I had not heard her approach.

"I can let you live out this life with her, if you will be mine in the next. Do you stand by what you have said?"

"Yours..." I said partly in shock, partly in question.

"I can live without you. Can you live without her?" She said with a faint grin and a demanding tone.

There was an uneasy silence as we stared at each other.

"...Y..Yes." I stammered out.

The devious smile expanded across her face.

"You will make a dedicated husband." She said as she knelt by Ana.

Pushing aside my makeshift bandages, she gently kissed the wound. The bleeding stopped immediately.

I could only stare in shock. She regained standing posture, then leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "Who..." was all I could say.

I blinked, and the devil in a black dress had vanished, but I could still hear her fading voice saying "Sharanaja."

"*Cough* Gabe...?" The sounds of Ana stirring broke me from my trance like state. I heard sirens approaching. Someone must have heard the gunfire.