Author: Justin Love

The Lay of the Land

In the east is the Shining Sea. On it's shores rests The Great City, which straddles The River Division, for it divides the north and south of the land. The river comes out of the east, from further than any have ever gone. Along the river's path, it for a short while becomes The Lake of Dancing Lights. Further down, on the west side of the lake, stands the primary temple of Shine, where Summer Breeze and Late Frost reside. There are perhaps three bridges of The River Division, at the temple of Shine, on the West side of The Lake of Dancing Lights, and shortly before The City. In addition, there are as many fords as game guides feel in inclined to give. A determined traveler can make the journey from the temple of Shine to The City in a day.

Typical Companions

The followers of Shine tend have to animals that fit with their lifestyle. If a person herds a particular type of animal, their companion will tend to be that type of animal. Those whom specialize in farming will often have cows, horses, pigs or other typical farm animals.

The followers of Shimmer have been living in The City for a while, so their companions tend to be city dwelling animals: pigeons, rats, even small easily cared for reptiles, and especially nocturnal animals.

Domesticated animals such as dogs and cats are common to both.

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