Author: Justin Love

For most of the NPC's, I drew one fortune card as their ruling force; it's not as detailed as a full three-card pyramid (and therefore easier to remember) but it gives me some aspect to build a personality around.


A powerful spherewalking mage (level 9 of Gateway Magic) who took a liking to Underlight a very long time ago. Most of the truth of her legacy has been forgotten and most if not all current residents know her as Shares-a-Tear (having different worn down versions for the two sides might be intriguing, but this is the only good one I've thought of.) Her actual name is intentionally 'odd' to make obvious to heros the fact that she is an outsider. She cast the three great spells of isolation, peace, and reversal. She is now deceased but her legacy lives in magic and many other ways.

Priestess Summer Breeze

companion Rush (dog?), ruling force The Eagle reversed (thoughtlessness)

Largely acknowledged as the leader and head authority of Shine's clergy. Despite this respect, she trusts her first reactions more than carefully thought out decisions, which, although it gives her the ability to react quickly, it can at times be a weakness.

Late Frost

companion Prudence (cat), ruling force Winter (maturity)

The retired father of Summer Breeze, he still lives at the temple and can be found there by those seeking his advice. He is wise and knows a great deal more than he lets on. He works well as a guide tool to give stuck players just as much of a push as they need to get going again.

For the following two, I drew one card for the two people in the vision card, The Fool reversed (lack of connection) They don't really understand what is going on, but River Reed is actually pretty important

Stony Brook

companion Ponder (goat)

Father of River Reed and lifetime goat herder. He has grown used to the people from the city having the upper hand, and throws up little resistence to their wishes.

River Reed

companion Innocence (goat)

A simple, well, innocent, girl caught up in a fight for the fate of the realm. She can be very strong at times, but is also easily shaken by sudden change.

Midnight Mere

companion Endeavor (owl), ruling force The Smith reversed (evil effort)

Head priest of Shimmer, and by virtue of that a major figure in the leadership of The City. He, like most followers of Shimmer see nothing wrong with their plans, but Mere certainly takes the greater glory of Shimmer - not to mention himself - into consideration.

Dwindling Light

companion Weary (raven), ruling force Nature reversed (energy sapped)

An old man who serves Midnight Mere. You can alternately have him be a younger man who just has been beaten down by working under Mere. Officially he has a high position in the priesthood of Shimmer and that earns him respect amongst most of the citizens of The City, but he is often little more than a go-for for Midnight Mere. Indeed, he will often be assigned to take care of the hero's needs while Mere prepares for the ceremonies.

Rounded Stone

companion Mirth (snake), ruling force Autumn (plenty)

Though not one of the most important characters, Stone guards the entrance to The City (it doesn't matter which entrance; whichever the heros first meet a guard at. It may be advantageous to make up more guard personalities, but this is what I have.) A friendly man with a boisterous personality and a loud voice.

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