June 4, 2006

  1. I finally got tired of waiting for fat websites and got broadband.
  2. This means my e-mail address has changed.
  3. Since my web site was hosted with the ISP, I have to move it.
  4. One detail I missed was the broadband ISP doesn't have economical web hosting. So now I have third-party hosting.
  5. Taken together, I decided to get a domain name to minimize future disruptions
  6. Since I had to mess with it anyway, I went through and brought (most) of the site into the CSS age.

It turned into a vastly larger project than I had hoped. I had thought that between a hiatus in martial arts and the memorial day weekend, I would be able to get everything touched up. Unfortunately, with some of the pages going back almost ten years, they needed a lot of work to brought in line with the standards. I still havn't fully verified everything.

I also spent entirely too much time trying to get a dynamic navigation system working, but browser bugs thwarted me at every turn. Ultimately, I went with the right-sidebar, with they flyouts disabled (they get clipped in most browsers.)