December 31, 2002

Looks like I'll be barely slipping the visual update in before the new year. It started with some tweaks in the CGD section, and then a few in the 'red theme' that got propigated to all of the writing section by templating. That caused a bit of a light/dark clash between the red and blue/green themes, so I changed everything to the light backdrop for consitancy and readability.

I also formalized the backlinking in the navigation line at top. Most pages had the links already, but hopefully the relationship will be clearer now.

Also did a more thorough update of the links page, including a link to my new online bookmarks.

December 24, 2002

Time off for the holidays finally permitted me update this thing. So far, I've completed a total rebuild of the underlying pages with WML. There wasn't a whole lot of content change during this, mostly just a reformatting. With the templates in place, I will be reconsidering some of the color schemes and such. Then there is making meaningfull updates to the interests and such. Finally, I'm considering some new areas.

WML is kind of the nuclear weapon of site management, so it is probably overkill for my personal site. But one of the projects that I have the itch to do is a website, so I some practice manageing templates and such.

Since WML runs on UNIX, I've also converted everything back to .html, instead of .htm. If anybody actually linked to me (HA!) this could result in broken links.

March 24, 2002

I put up some pictures of the waterfall which I have mentioned here a few times.

I also stumbled across Protospiel. We will now observe a moment of awe.

January 13, 2002

A song has been bugging me. Maybe it will stop now.