Author: Justin Love

Sustenace magic is tied to earth. It builds on the fruits of the earth, and is usually expressed through the mage's own hands.



The concept of intuition as I use it here is a little tricky. The mage may know the thing described, but he doesn't necessarily know why that is, or, if it is a multi-step process, what the next step is; he must first complete the current one, and then will just know what to do. An example:

A mage is intuitively seeking a place and he does not where it is, but he may begin heading in the right direction. If the mage sees an intersection ahead, he will not be able to tell you which way he will turn, but when he gets there, he will choose a direction and turn with full confidence that it is the correct one.


The mage eventually gains the ability to magically sustain a person. A person sustained for a day will be able to eat one meal (food and drink) a day and be just as healthy and sated as a person eating three meals a day. The person may still eat more than needed without ill effect. After the mage gains a method of sustaining a something, the time scale increases with each level as follows. Beginning with day, it goes week(+1), month(+2), year(+3), decade(+4), and effectively forever(+5)


    • Intuitively know if food contains poison, rot, or disease with a touch.
    • Improve the taste of the mages own meal, which he must have prepared (the improvement is proportional the nutritious value of the meal, and the taste is actually dramatically decreased if the food contains poison, rot, or disease.)
    • The mage also begins learning all manner of non-magical, but quite useful, knowledge. At this level, he is skilled at the preparation of food, and knows a great deal about the manners of agriculture and hunting in his native area.
    • Intuitively detect poison, rot, or disease in food by sight.
    • Improve the taste of a single meal the mage prepares.
    • Improve the taste of the mages own meal, regardless if he prepared it or not.
    • The mage knows almost all there is to know about making and preparing food in his native area. He knows how to preserve food to the greatest extent possible without magic.
    • Remove poison, rot, or disease from food with a touch.
    • Improve the taste of several person's meals, which the mage must prepare.
    • Improve the taste of any meal with a touch.
    • Intuitively seek something which may be made into a healthy meal.
    • The mage may prepare preserved foods which last twice as long as they normally would. This increase doubles again with each additional level of magic.
    • Improve the taste of a village's meal, which the mage must have a hand in preparing.
    • Improve the taste of several meals with a touch.
    • Intuitively seek something which may be cultivated for a population to survive on.
    • Intuitively seek a place where the mage's talents are needed.
    • The mage may prepare a meal which will magically sustain a person for a day.
    • Improve the taste of a town's meal, so long as the mage joins them in it.
    • Improve the taste of a village's next meal.
    • Cure someone near death due to hunger, so long as he begins eating normally.
    • Intuitively seek the methods of cultivating something so a population may survive on it.
    • Sustain a single person (which may be the mage) for a day by magic alone.
    • Improve the taste of a city's next meal.
    • Prepare a magically fortifying meal. The person who eats it will have very slightly sharper senses, longer endurance, and greater strength (not amounting to an element level.) The effects last at most a day. Greater effects may be obtained by preparing a meal for a particular purpose (such as to allow a person to run at full speed without rest for an few hours.) This generally requires at least one ingredient related to the desired effect.
    • Take part in preparing a meal which will sustain a village for a day.
    • Prepare magically fortifying meals to greater effect. A meal to improve endurance might allow an average person to run for a full day without stopping.
    • Sustain a town for a day / a person for a year.
    • Prepare a meal that temporarily transforms the body. A person might grow, shrink, become an animal, or simply look different, but cannot be made to look like a particular person.
    • Sustain a city for a day / a person for a decade.
    • Prepare a meal that permanently transforms a body, or one that has a temporary magical effect, such as granting flight.
    • Sustain a realm for a day / a person forever.
    • Prepare a meal that will do darn near anything to a single person.

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