Author: Justin Love

Note: Endeavor is a mostly designed character, but I drew for his virtue, fault, fate, (and could hardly have chosen better ones) and also vision cards for some more detailed history. I have not supplied the card numbers because I have some other fantasy art cards mixed in.


Endeavor is originally from the Kingdom of the Mountain God. The war with The Serpent Queen raged near his home, and his family frequently had to move when he was younger. Despite frequent moving, and war with a father in the military, Endeavor recieved good schooling, which fosterd natural ability.

When he came of age and had to serve his time in the military. His intelligence made him a prime canidate for decimator, but that required a lifetime commitment. He decided to follow that path. Perhaps he never really intended to stick with it.

After completeing his training, he spent several years on the battlefield. He lost several friends and eventually became fed up with the constant death and destruction.

A trade caravan of strangers clued him in (indirectly) to the existance of gates and spherewalkers, as the front was very active in the direction they had come from. A little tailing and exploring, and he discovered that he could spherewalk as well. He had found his escape from the war, but he still needs to fully escape from his old ways, he still sees himself as solely a force of destruction.

In one realm he traveled through, the relatively primative mountain hunter-gather people hail him as a dragon slayer. He considers them primative fools, his blast actually injured (and therefor distracted) the mage casting an illusion of a dragon. Endeavor does not believe himself capable of killing a dragon, from what little he knows of them, nor does he think mere mortals, especially ones in simple realms such as that, could command them. This made him suspsious of the other mage.

Although before this 'feat' the people would have distruted, and possibly killed, him, he recieved a hero's welcome, from one female warrior in particular. She was Night, from whom he got his raven, and after whom he named it. There was a possibility for a romance here.

Endeaver tells himself that he left for the people's, and in particular Night's (the person's) good, as he believes himself a force of desctruction, and that it follows him wherever he goes. He doesn't tell anyone else about it, save the part about defeating the illusion, and if asked directly, he will say the raven was a gift from the collective people.


Endeavor enjoies his power (hence why he learned decimation,) and his freedom (hence why he left after recieveing the training.) He got a certain amount of enjoyment out of the fearfull respect people gave him after he earned his robes, and he still gets enjoyment from the same type of fear and respect when he demonstrates his powers to new people. Fortuanately most enemies fail to reconginize the limits of his abilities and give up or run away baised on only a demonstration.

(Fourtunately) Endeavor has well developed moral principles, which include obeying the law. These principals are considered very lightly towards those who disreguard them, and often stretched to thier limits when reaching for more power. Endeavor is disgusted by crinimals, the cruel, and those who insult him. These people had best watch thier step, he has a slight temper, although he usually remains calm even when angered, and they could well find themselves on the recieving end of a blast of destruction.

Endeavor also has a tendency to look down upon those he considers lesser than himself. These people however are afforded his pity, not his wrath, for whatever that is worth. It is often more a blessing in what is not recieved than what is. He has a fairly generous amount of money that he brought with him and traded for local curency as needed, prefering to stay the night in 'civilized' areas. He occasionaly offers his services to refill his money sack, but he considers menial labor below him.

Despite his failings, some of which he may realise, if only subconsciously, Endeavor remains proud and confident, yet still shrewd.





Unbreakable concentration (0 pts):
When he has his mind set, nothing, not even injury and pain, can distract Endeavor from his task (esp. casting a spell) Although a knife in the side is something that probably should be attended to, Endeavor can choose to ignore it.
Raven Familiar (2 pts):
Endeavor has an intelligent raven familiar, which he has named Night, after the woman who gave it to him. The two have a type of telepathic communication, ideas rather than 'words' are exchanged, but the result is almost functionally identically. It's major abilites are to act as arial spy/scout, or to carry small objects. The communications operate so long as they are with sight of each other (not counting obstructions.) The telepathic abilites are a characteristic of the raven, but they only work on a being that it has bonded with. (2 Air, 1 Fire (Flying), 1 Earth (Flying), 5 Water)

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