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Work Patterns: Get the continuation

Where the continuation is the next step; find out what it is at the beginning, when hopefully you still have access to whatever is giving you a task to begin with.

The term continuation comes from programming, typically functional programming, where the continuation is a procedure to call when the current function is done. Sometimes multiple continuations are passed, where which one gets executed depends on the calculations done. The really fun ones use ‘current continuation’, which makes a closure on the current stack and local variables and then runs it multiple times.

Work Patterns

I’ve been trying to write down ideas that seem to have general applicability to various areas at work (I’ve got another set at home.) This is the ones I’ve come up with so far, hopefully tags will tie together further insights.

-Ask for the deadline (usually, it was yesterday)
-Anticipate problems – just because the piece needed right now is missing, that doesn’t mean you can’t pre-empty later issues.
-It hasn’t been tested until you have a 100% as-installed system.
-”Where there is smoke there is fire” – Where there is a questions there is a problem. Or, where a person doesn’t know one thing, they probably don’t know a lot of things, and it may be possible to provide that information before it becomes a problem.