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A little dust to blow off there… ;^)

I’ve generally been doing well, but there hasn’t been much I felt like talking about. An overview.

I rode down to the waterfall today; It has been a long time (probably at least all winter) since I’ve been down there. Someone tore through with a chainsaw and seriously reduced the local forest. The first reaction of course was indignation; the place had a hidden quality, where you could kind of miss it, then walk over the bridge realize the waterfall is there. But I’ve also been reading Book 3 of The Nature of Order (which finally, after years on preorder, arrived a month or two ago.) So I had to stop and ask: Is the place better, or worse? To be fair I probably didn’t meditate on the place long enough, but it is possible that it has gotten better. The waterfall enhances the path, the path enhances the waterfall. The centers, formally separate, now can reinforce each other.

I’ve begun exploring USB peripherals, in consideration of my ailing computer. I have a new keyboard, USB flash drive for incremental backups, and and external CD writer for archiving the files I don’t touch much any more. With the data loss risk reduced, I’m much more comfortable using the computer until it dies. My BIOS locks up if something is plugged in on reset, but that is workable. Windows 98, despite the trouble I had with the haptic mouse, hooked everything up without a hitch. Linux has been rather a bit more trouble. ‘usbmgr’ had limited success; I had some success with the hotplug system, but the computer would lock up during shutdown, without unmounting the hard drive, so that got un=installed quickly. Plugging things in after BIOS but before the kernel seems to the best solution for now.

I repotted all my plants last week. The process of gathering all the pots, taking them downstairs, emptying and re-filling them, and then carrying the lot back upstairs made me realize just how many pots I have. Most of them are on one Pothos plant that I keep clipping and planting. Fed up with scrawny, leafless vines, I decided to try the bushy effect. I cut all the vines into sections of a couple of inches (filling two buckets) and stuck most of them into the fresh soil. I still have about half a bucket sitting in water, where they seem to be doing fairly well until I get more pots. It looks like on basil plant won’t make it (the don’t seem to like being replanted) The pineapples appear to want larger pots, and I stepped both of them up little.

I’ve been playing Banjo-Tooie (N64 game) lately. In a sense it is an evolution of the Mario 64 game play, with a lot of lock-and-key mechanics. One interesting thing is that most of the keys are alternate characters, each of which has various limitations. I seem to be settling into a pattern of playing an hour or two at night.

Perhaps that has something to do with the way I’ve been sleeping less. But with the onset of spring, and the reintroduction of soy milk into my diet, scientific conclusions are not forthcoming. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the extra hour every day. ;-)

For the moment most of that time is lost; I finally got talked into making a web site for my martial arts school. I’ve been playing around with some new CSS tricks. Mainly the use of margins to avoid floats, and menu bar highlights to show the current page.

Meanwhile, my savings account has built up, and I’m resolved to pursue getting a harp. There will still be some work figuring out details, and then there is finding a teacher somewhere.

In The Meantime

Back during the Ludum Dare preparation, I tried to have something to go on for all the candidate themes. One of them was ‘mouse movement,’ which wasn’t chosen. My mind lept to kind of a cheesy theme – Spacemouse – but I still had something of an itch to program, so I took up pygame again.

Being as I started late in a weekend and mostly just worked in the mornings during the next week, I probably could have gotten something done in 48 hours. Though, another week later it isn’t done ;^) The scrolling has gotten better, but still needs work, it needs some challenge variety and better pacing, and, while I have some crude voice calls, there are still no graphics ;^)

Sound has been it’s own little adventure. I spent a while going through all the sound editors in Debian trying to find something, then, just for the voice recording. While I still need to work on the sound mastering a little, now I need some way to get other sound effects. Glame looks like it might be capable, but I’m kind of at a loss with sound, so there is a bit of pause while I look for a good resource on how to get various effects.

In other news, I’ve also biked down the waterfall a few times. Last week it was nice and I had my sandals on, so I went wandering down the stream, collecting garbage. With all the stuff washed down by the rain, I ran out of bag long before I ran out of garbage. Both then, and later, I never got down to the waterfall shortly after any of the big rains; after all, I’d already seen it at it’s full roar glory, right? I went back down a few days later, after another rain had come and gone, and found the stream bed reshapen; the main run had been carved out a bit and island raised up to one side. A touch upstream, there were some rocks that had been rearranged last year into a sort of dam; the last of those were washed away; up until recently you could still walk across the stream without getting wet at that place.

Strange finds

It had been a while since I had been to the waterfall, so I took a bike ride. The river was way down. You could have easily walked across parts of it. The waterfall itself was doing okay though, probably on account of yesterday’s rain.

The garbage collection was slightly complicated by the fact that my carrying rack lost a few screws earlier in the week, but I eventually figured out how to tie the bag to the handlebars where it wouldn’t cause too much trouble. I think I’ve finally gotten the immediate, accessible, vicinity of the waterfall to point where I can pick up all the trash before my bag fills up. But there will always be more broken glass. And stranger things, such as a pair of shorts. The really odd thing though was a new hole, and an large empty jewelry box next too it. To think that it was there for who knows how long, and I never knew

Random Update

I went down to the waterfall this morning. I didn’t stay very long because it was raining (it wasn’t when left the house.) It had in general been raining for a while, however, so the stream was pretty full. I missed the peek though; there was definite evidence that it had earlier overflowed what I had considered firmly part of it’s bank. There was lots of green too; I hadn’t been down since the bloom. Previously bare parts of ground were waist high in plants with tiny white flowers. It’s amazing to think they grew so much in only a few weeks.

My parents came over for dinner. Consequently, I spent most of the day cleaning. It was getting time to do it anyway, company just forced the issue ;^)

Oh, and Pi didn’t get mentioned in the contest preview issue of Abstract Games Magazine. The upside is that last year Cross did make the preview, and didn’t win ;^)


Well, with this starting out the second year that I haven’t had the grill (affectionately known as bird’s nest) sitting on my deck, the birds seem to have given up and built a nest under the deck. The deck is over the front door, so I have a pretty good view of it (though not inside of it) from the window next to the door. (Which reminds me, I can probably put the screen back in the door now.)

Meanwhile I took a bike ride down to the waterfall. I was hoping the construction was over, but they seem to have ripped up all the asphalt and left asphalt gravel. This makes the ride a bit bumpier, and a bit more dangerous since some spots are still pretty loose. So far I’ve only thought of one excuse for this: the path runs along a steep hill by the river, so some parts of the old asphalt were sagging a bit. They may be trying to let the asphalt gravel settle for a while before laying down something smoother. Hopefully I’ll remember to ask about when I’m down at the village hall paying my water bill.

There were some people down at the waterfall, watching their dogs play in the water. The dogs seemed to be having a grand old time of it, gleefully climbing UP the waterfall to get out of the stream valley, and making a spot near the top a bit muddier than usual. ;^)

Consequently I went garbage-collecting near the back, and sadly had no trouble filling up my plastic grocery sack until I had to stop. I haven’t had any trouble using the grocery sacks before, but I think the asphalt gravel was a BIT too much for it, and the sack finally gave up about a half-mile from home. :-o There wasn’t a whole lot else to do except get the stuff off of the sidewalk and go home. I had a drink of water (It was getting nice and hot :-) ) and came back with a sturdier bag. ;^)


Normally, you can’t hear the waterfall until you get pretty close to it. However, today I could hear it from the parking lot. It has been raining, to various extents at various times, for the last two days.

There was LOTS of water ^_^

And lots of mud… but not too much in one place, so it was mainly a matter of being careful not to slip. I couldn’t stay very long; I got into work late (even without the time change, which only compounded the problem) so I left late, and it was less than an hour until the martial arts class.


Today was a nice day. I probably would have ridden my bike down to the waterfall, but I didn’t realize just how not-cold it was getting until I got out of my car nearby.

Other people agreed with me. There was a family preparing their bikes in the parking lot, and I saw lots of people walking during the day.

Then, while I was sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream, I heard a couple of distant clunks behind me. I thought it was something up on the road at first, but I looked behind me anyway – a stroller bumping over the wooden bridge perhaps. Not exactly – two riders on horses had paused on the bridge to enjoy the view. A few moments later I heard some more clunking behind me as they continued on.

I’ve never seen horses on the bike trails before, but perhaps I’ll pass a few this summer. I have seen other animals – beyond the dog walking, one day in the fall I saw (or heard) quite few squirrels bustling about, and surprised a deer grazing near the edge of the trail on the way back.