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A while ago one of the people from my old board game designers group got interested in the facebook phenomenon. He sent out invitations, and curiosity got the better of me a few weeks go.

Probably the most fascinating thing has been how many casual acquaintances from high school have been friending me out of blue. I recognize names, but often little else. Cornell, on the other hand, seems to have a much lower representation, although msphat seems to have found me at just about the same time I found her, and oddly almost the same time I’m getting around to writing about it.

I’m still rather wary of ‘applications’ Mostly they look like big time sinks, and I’m somewhat paranoid about getting involved in another ‘thing’ – I’ll have more to say about that (hopefully) shortly.

Party post-mortum

I started the weekend with 16 probablies and perhaps 10 other assorted family members that might have come along, plus whoever decided to just drop by. In the end, there were 13 people at one time or another, with no maybies.

I used no good grounds for estimating how much food to have. I had far too much, even if the maximum came, and most people brought more than they ate.

triften and mutedharmony arrived a little early, and mostly watched me finish up preparations at first, staring a Set for a little bit. After a while, my parents returned from the search for the legendary party store with a sign, some soda (which I had omitted in a rude imposition of my lifestyle) and some lunchmeat for another way of putting things together. But by this time the reality of the food situation was hitting me, and though I mentioned it a few times, it never left the fridge.

In any case things started picking up. N. & L. from martial arts came over together. They left before V. & M. (also from MA) came by. flower76 and J. came all the way from Iowa; they left the same day, which must have been a little rough. There was also one from work, one from the neighboorhood, and one from the board game design group.

People mostly talked at first; later we played Wits and Wagers, which actually went over quite well. Then we went to check out Wii Sports, which everyone appeared to have fun with. Then it was back for a few rounds of Dalmuti, after which pretty much everybody had taken off for the day. Shaun and Jen stuck around for a little while, for some more Set, and then some mini-game mania on Wii (Rayman and Warioware)

Other than having enough food to feed a small army, everything went pretty well. The only major lull brought out the games, which carried things from there on. The days of weekend long sleep-overs seem to be behind us (I guess we hold C&G alumni conventions now.)