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Utsuri recommended the singer Laurie Anderson to me. So I checked out her Big Science CD from the library. It is certainly good, although not in any danger of taking over the top spot in my musical rankings.

She reminds me of Peter Gabriel a little. They both have that ‘weird’ mem (conveniently coupled with the ‘talented’ mem.) Still different of course, Laurie seems to like a slower pace, and takes great joy in using her voice modulator. I thought it might be cool of Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel would do a CD together. (They may have for all I know, somebody tell me if I just haven’t noticed it yet.)

So I’m thinking about this, going over Peter’s music in my head for what fits, and I get stuck on a song from So called Excellent Birds. It has that slower pace. It also adds a female singer. Whose voice seems quite familiar… A few days ago I finally pulled out the CD and checked… “Voices: Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel”

It’s not a whole CD, but still…