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What the Bleep

Mission successful. I headed into Chicago for the early show, in a calculated attempt to avoid any possible sell outs (which I found out later have actually occurred at some of the evening showings) (Side note: on the way there I saw a cemetery with the sign: “Drive safely. We can wait.”)

Other than a tendency to exit the tram stations going the wrong way (usually corrected by the sears tower after walking a bit – titanic landmark navigation doesn’t come naturally to suburban midwest natives) I arrived at the theater just in time to sit and wait through the previews.

I got, pretty much, what I expected. A tour-de-force of quantum spirituality, with the latest science and spiritual perspectives presented in a format for the short attention span generation.

Was the film right? Insightful? It is easily argued (for instance from the fact that I saw it at all) that I was already pre-disposed to agree with most of the information presented. What you think of the movie, from my report, depends a lot on what you think of me. I consider myself to superficially informed on most topics to offer any authority on them.

I wrote out a basic subject list, in part for myself, to try and figure out what the big picture was. It might be considered a spoiler; for a typical hollywood movie a list this long would be pretty much the whole show. In this case it is just the topic list for a pretty deep conversation, and it is the conversation itself that is interesting.

-Paradigms – there is a lot we take for granted.
-The mind cannot distinguish between events and memories
-Do we see with the eyes or the mind?
-We create our reality.
-Quantum uncertainty
-Multiple realities
-There is no matter.
-Power of intention
-Pre-creation of the day
-We are god.
-Religion damages god by making him ‘other’
-Dr. Emoto – words influence water; what do they do us?
-Neurons are being remapped all the time, associating and disassociating concepts
-Mere thought affects the body.
-Peptides are driven by the brain.
-Peptides direct cells (dancing personified cells)
-This creates emotion
-Colors all perception (horny teenager-o-vision)
-Sub conscious creation of situations that create feelings; addiction (choreographed dancing with IV bags)
-Wear and tear on cells by peptide bombardment – aging
-Who is the observer?

What the #$*! do we know?

I’m thinking about seeing this movie in Chicago tomorrow. Anybody else interested? (Or have you already heard good/bad reviews?)

Minority Report

I am no longer in the minority (at least among people I know) that have no DVDs (never really was if you count the music video sampler that came with my computer) Still in the minority that have never purposefully bought one ;^)

Local gaming group did a random gift exchange last night. Kind of a horrible commercial corruption of the whole ‘gift’ thing, really. Anyway, I ended up with a Minority Report DVD. (Plus a garbage bag and lifetime supply of paper towels as wrapping.) In theory I can play it on my computer, but I don’t know when I ever will; having a small screen instead of large doesn’t make me any more willing to watch movies by myself.

Not that I’ve been making fabulous use of my time. Mostly I’ve been getting sucked int reading academic programming papers. All of the sound relevant to a project I want to get going, but it seems like I’m spending all my reading. Today I joined the ACM (an expensive proposition) for access to their online library, (an equally expensive proposition) which it looks like I’m quite likely to making frequent use of as I track down previous work. Meanwhile, the web page revision is only plodding forward in spare moments.


It seems like I’ve hardly stopped moving since Saturday..


Party for local friend who passed the exam for night grad school. We had dinner at a slightly fancy mexican restaurant, and then went to see XXX. Which is thankfully not at all what it sounds like… :^) What it is, is a spy movie with extreme sports stunts. Kind of fun, but hardly high cinema. Got back after midnight though, so I was kind of tired for a few days.


Dawdled around in the morning, and then did errands in the afternoon. Wrapped them up on the way to the Saturday night gaming group.


Got up and started refreshing my directions to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Got there over an hour after it opened, and was annoyed to find that there were still lines for the ticket booths. I guess it was their last day of the season… ;^) Did a fairly quick look around, mainly looking at he sword booths. They really don’t do the style that my martial arts uses, though. Listened to a group called Waking Maggie, and bought a CD. Overall pretty good stuff, although I don’t really care for their rendition of Rocky Road to Dublin. You see, it’s a rather fast song. The one I like has two singers – not only does this sound good, but it gives the people a chance to breathe. In the new one the poor woman is tripping over herself trying to spit all the words out fast enough. ;^)

Left somewhat early, for a faire, and went home. Took a shower, and headed off to the martial arts award banquet. I wasn’t getting anything this time around, but I knew several people who were.


Work. Martial arts class.

Work. LJ Meetup, Chicago. Saw one of two people I had hoped, sort of got introduced to a few others. Mostly failed the socialization thing. Random new person showed up on friend-of, who doesn’t ring any bells. Haven’t investigated yet. (See this post for explanation.)


Work. Martial arts class.


Probably have to skip the game club tonight to get ready for this weekend.


Leaving in morning to visit friends and got to Shakopee Ren Faire