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Notes and Lost Context

A while ago (a long while – the note to write this is dated 2008-02-22) I found I was awash with ideas while trying to go to sleep. Rather than suffering (an all too common response), I grabbed a notepad and pencil to put by the bed. While the exact details are lost to time, many of the essays since, and the next several, date from that night and the immediate aftermath.

Unfortunately, it’s not a habit I’ve maintained, so I don’t have much more to say. I’ve put this off so long many of the details of my intent have escaped me – the original title was “Notes and Context” but I’ve forgotten what the context part referred to.

Life Patterns

These are the ones I wrote down for my home list, though I imagine they apply at work as well. I don’t do especially well at applying these, so I probably need to look at the list more often :^)

-No, Better – I believe I wrote about this earlier.
-No Procrastination
-Do not suffer to exist any problem that is within your power to correct.
-When faced with a titanic force, turn it against itself (I inferred this one from an article; I haven’t had the opportunity to apply it yet.)