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How Not To Make Cheese Popcorn

Do not place cheese and popping corn in pan. Corn will not pop. Or rather, it will try, and fail due to interference from the cheese. Do not wait too long for popping sounds that will never come. Do not ignore smoke.

Speed Bump in Vegas

No major updates this week, and I’m even late in talking about it. Last week I had to go to Vegas for a business trip (RFID show) I knew that was coming, although I was partly guessing – It turns out I never got the flight confirmation. Now I was quite certain that I had been asked about leaving Tuesday night. But when I started inquiring about the details Monday I found out that we were in fact leaving that evening – fortunately this was early enough for me to go home and pack. The flight also had very few people, so the late checkin didn’t cause any trouble.

I really wanted that extra day though. Beyond party prep (and various long overdue projects) I had to quickly beg my neighbors to pull in my fruit box and milk off the porch. That spared the worst of it – but I still had to deal with box of fruit that had been sitting in it’s own concentrated ethylene for several days (lots of banana bread; the rest was doing okay) I also turned some milk into yogurt (probably a little too much) And of course I had to supply regular meals after carefully emptying the house out for the trip (and a short detoxifying fast over the weekend before.)

I got the bulk of the cleaning done Tuesday, and was able to finish diagramming out the martial arts form late that night. Things would be clearing up, except for an earlier mistake coming back to bite me hard.

A few months ago, I had to estimate a software project using a radically new platform for us. My mistake was omitting the usual x2 multiplier on the casual comment that a multiplier would be added to the final quote anyway. Now a schedule for the best of all possible worlds is being held up as a divine right, while the technology involved is being extraordinarily uncooperative.


I forgot to bring bread to work today, to make PB&J (or, in this case, tahini and peach butter) However, someone brought doughnuts…


Some time ago, curious about why some nights I slept longer than others, I started logging bed and rising times, along with diet and exercise. Finally a few weeks ago I started poking around my linux distribution for statistics software. The package information being minimal, I started poking around the internet, and eventually settled on R, which (perhaps unsurprisingly for me) is a kind of statistical programming language. In addition to coming with plotting functions and standard statistical functions, it intrinsically supports vector arithmetic. The main problem is all the documentation assumes the audience are trained in statistics, so I can only get basic information at this point. I’m working my way through a statistics textbook that I grabbed out of an end of year ‘free’ bin at the Cornell bookstore.

The early results show a possible seasonal effect (Until I collect multiple years of data, finding sunrise and sunset data will be my best bet to confirm that) The best predictor of length of sleep is bed time. Adjusting for that, there is a curious spike on Saturday nights. The couple of diet classes I’ve entered so far show little correspondence, although the soy milk may have had a small effect. Exercise shows no short-term correspondence (all analysis has been night-after so far)

Hopefully further improvement will come from extra data sets and improved statistical methods.


I made granola over the weekend. Kind of like granola bars, except I’m lazy and usually end up with granola chunks. This batch especially had pretty low cohesion, so a large quantity of it went back to the same loose consistency as the granola I started with. It’s still good – dang good. I became conscious of this recently. Lay’s doesn’t have anything on this. If I start munching on it, I have to pull myself away, and then realize that I ate too much.

(Before you ask, it’s nothing special; I took the standard recipe from a book and added coconut, sunflower seeds, carob chips, and used stevia instead of sugar.)

Food and games

-Hummus is good. I wish I’d tried it sooner.
-Soy milk isn’t so great for drinking. But it’s pretty good on cereal.
-I’m set up with a buying club. The first order is due shortly. I’m avoiding anything that needs refrigeration on the first time out, especially since the final date is still somewhat in question. It seems likely my stuff would have to sit around all day. But I’m set up for the future: a few days after discovering this, fortune handed me a large cooler. One of my neighbors apparently left some hot dogs in their deluxe cooler to long and didn’t want to deal with cleaning it up. To be fair it did smell like, well, poo, but I’m still amazed that they threw away the whole cooler, and the 24 pack of beer that was inside. Oh well, down the drain with it; outside of my normal disinterest, I’m not sure I’d trust any food that was in there. The smell certainly doesn’t wash off. The cooler itself has been airing for a while and has stopped stinking :-)

Meanwhile the return to the ‘normal’ schedule has left me feeling ineffective again. It always seems better when I look at what I did do: last weekend I was out of town again, this weekend I helped someone move and installed a water filter (Seems to be leaking a little, have to contact them about that.) Also did first order at above buying club (online) Meanwhile I completed only one self-test of the election game, and some other pondering about it. Somewhat promising; the first self-test survived several turns before a breakdown on law making stopped it. The second got all the way to the end with a few pauses – selling mechanics and some card modification to finish out deal honoring/dishonoring – and a few unthematic results: not only where there no disinterested voters left, pretty much everybody ended up an activist ;^)

I have Kumquats ^_^

Not quite what I expected to find at Piggly Wiggly, but it’s always fun to go into a store and go “Kumquats? I have never seen kumquats before!” The store’s cashier is expecting a report on what the taste like as well :-)

Kind of a small, grape sized citrus fruit. Reminds me a little of lemon, but not as bitter. The seeds can be nearly as big as the larger fruits though, so be careful.

And yes, even kumquats have a website. ;^)

I Think I Have a Cooking Problem.

About 1:00pm I tore myself away from to eat lunch. About 7-8pm I returned to the computer.

Lunch was actually leftovers, and I spent some time finishing up the chapter of Notes On the Synthesis of Form that I was in. Then I decided to make another cookie experiment, since the cause of some undesirable qualities in the last few tries has been causing a rather annoying bit of curiosity. This batch turned out quite well, although the dough was a little crumbly and hard to work with. But first, I red some of the statistics book, and then did dishes since I was going to be making some more. Got some more reading done while baking cookies. Did more dishes.

The stuff that I had for lunch was the last of that set of leftovers. So time to make something else. That, plus dwindling supplies of fruit, necessitated a quick trip to grocery store. Then I get dinner started, since it will have to cook for a while. More cooking, more reading. Eating, finishing chapter, more dishes.

I have two meals, cookies on the counter, leftovers in the fridge, and no dishes in the sink. Still, the reading progress seems like poor consolation for six hours of prime weekend. ;^)

(I had been hoping to re-build my web page. Maybe the christmas break?)

I am out of Ritz

For a taste you’ve never tasted before, try gram crackers and cheese.

Mind you I’m not claiming it’s a good taste… just… ‘different.’ ;^)