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I have a name for my character! And it only took me until page ten ;^) I even came up a name for the character who said it, just in time for that person to introduce himself.

I found by exploring the thesaurus in WordPerfect, which is really a fascinating thing to do, since some the words seem utterly unrelated. I think it went something like, “index, power, might, whitethorn.” I don’t quite understand that last leap of relation, but I guess it got me somewhere.

I think I’m going to have to add something to the name. Right now the working title is “Selected Entries from the Journal of Whitethorn” but it feels like it’s short a few syllables.

The story continues to be stubborn. I’ve just spent the last several hours figuring out where to take things next. I now have a fairly good idea of the major events of the next chapter or so, I just have to sort out some details so I know where to start writing from.

And when I’m done with that, I’ll still be in the prelude to the prelude. And it keeps taunting me with the fact that upcoming events would provide the perfect chance for a minor love interest. (Yes, before leaving the prelude to the prelude.)

If it wasn’t going so slow, I’d think this would have been perfect for NaNoWriMo ;^)


A few years ago I had an idea for a story. Not long after, I had an idea for another story, and decided to use the same protagonist, much later in life. A few months ago, I wrote the second story, first. ;^)

The first one finally crossed my mind enough to make me start writing it. Unfortunately, It’s being very difficult about the process, and demanding a rather more extensive prelude than I had expected. Unfortunately, It hasn’t been very forthcoming with details on said prelude. I’ve been stealing some one shot RPG NPCs that I made for a game that never ran. I’ve also been using vision cards to fill in the missing scenes and events – often times my inspiration goes as far as “and then he spends some time searching.”

So I’m spending some time writing this prelude. I haven’t even gotten near the stuff I’ve been itching to write – I’m writing the events that set up the events that set up the stuff I really what to write.

Oh, and did I mention that after three pages the protagonist still doesn’t have a name? ;^)