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Launch party

It’s been a while since I had a party, and the release of Disk Clock is a pretty good excuse to celebrate. I’m going to keep it fairly low key, so I apologize if there isn’t much warning – I’m going to give Saturday April 26th a shot. Say, about 2-6pm, but I’ll still be glad to see you if you care to come by some other time. Any hints about whether and when you will be dropping be would be quite helpful in planning.

Edit: that’s when DC looks like this:

As most of you know, I don’t throw wild parties. Expect talking, a little food, and perhaps some board games, or physical video games – DDR or Wii, if they company cares for it.

If you haven’t gotten an e-mail invite, I probably don’t have your address in my list – drop me a note if you’d like to come.

Party post-mortum

I started the weekend with 16 probablies and perhaps 10 other assorted family members that might have come along, plus whoever decided to just drop by. In the end, there were 13 people at one time or another, with no maybies.

I used no good grounds for estimating how much food to have. I had far too much, even if the maximum came, and most people brought more than they ate.

triften and mutedharmony arrived a little early, and mostly watched me finish up preparations at first, staring a Set for a little bit. After a while, my parents returned from the search for the legendary party store with a sign, some soda (which I had omitted in a rude imposition of my lifestyle) and some lunchmeat for another way of putting things together. But by this time the reality of the food situation was hitting me, and though I mentioned it a few times, it never left the fridge.

In any case things started picking up. N. & L. from martial arts came over together. They left before V. & M. (also from MA) came by. flower76 and J. came all the way from Iowa; they left the same day, which must have been a little rough. There was also one from work, one from the neighboorhood, and one from the board game design group.

People mostly talked at first; later we played Wits and Wagers, which actually went over quite well. Then we went to check out Wii Sports, which everyone appeared to have fun with. Then it was back for a few rounds of Dalmuti, after which pretty much everybody had taken off for the day. Shaun and Jen stuck around for a little while, for some more Set, and then some mini-game mania on Wii (Rayman and Warioware)

Other than having enough food to feed a small army, everything went pretty well. The only major lull brought out the games, which carried things from there on. The days of weekend long sleep-overs seem to be behind us (I guess we hold C&G alumni conventions now.)

House-owning party

Well, my ISP is having mail trouble, but so far all of the distant people who have shown interest are also on LJ.

The party is coming up this weekend. If you just want to drop by for a bit, 2-6 pm Saturday (5/26) will give you the best chance of meeting people (and vice-versa) I’ve still got the entire weekend set aside if anybody wants to hang out longer, but so far nobody has shown much interest in that option.

Anyway, if you are coming, could you please tell me about when?

House Owning Party

I’m not sure I’ve got everybody’s e-mail address (Actually, I’m only in contact with a few of you here), so I’m reproducing this in LJ

Howdy everybody. As some of you may know, I recently paid off the mortgage on
my little dinky condo, so in memory of the house-warming party I thought it
might be a good execuse to have a party. I don’t know if this will actually
work, but it’s been ages since I’ve seen most of you, and longer since I’ve
hosted anything.

So, I’m going to give Memorial Day weekend a shot. (May 26-28) Come Friday
evening if you like. If you don’t want to spend the whole weekend here, how
about Saturday afternoon? Or just call first to make sure we haven’t gone
off adventuring somewhere. I’m in South Elgin, IL; I’ll deal
with directions and such later.

If tradition holds, we’ll hang out, catch up, watch some movies. I’ve got
board games, DDR, and possibly a Wii by then. I may think about other
possible ideas and field trips. Ideas welcome.

Madison Harp Orchestra

Last year, The Madison Harp Orchestra organized as a local branch, for players who couldn’t make the World Harp Orchestra. Last year I went down early to make sure the trip wasn’t longer than expected and wander about the Monona Terrance and Madison a bit. As for the event itself – it’s not often you get to see a dozen or two harps at once (outside, perhaps, the Great Lakes Harpers conference, which probably comprises many of the same people; and of course the WHO itself.)

I’m probably heading up to Madison again this year (March 15), (weather permitting) if anybody would be interested in joining me.

Rumor has it…

… that my evil(?) twin is working at the Bristol Ren Fair I’m planning to go check it out this weekend. Anybody interested in joining me?