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Professor Freeman’s Miniature Cranes

I was at Shaun and Jen’s wedding over the weekend. Cornell College professor Jim Freeman was also there, so I thought this might be of some interest to those who knew him.

I saw him fiddling with something tiny in the church, but didn’t really pay much attention. Later we found out that he was folding tiny paper cranes. He fills lamps with them, and is giving away three for Christmas this year. At about 1600 a piece, these are understandably reserved for close relatives and other very special people.

It certainly beats twiddling your thumbs.

He also talked about how to duplicate a sphere by rotating it. I could actually follow the basic concept, but I won’t try to reproduce it ;^)


Anyone going to Cornell homecoming? I’m planning on going down Thursday night to see if any CS classes are eligible for the alumni visits on Friday, for old times sake. The 10-year is probably one of the better chances to be much of anything. I’ve also been of the mind to check in with the CS professors, given is my main interest right now and I’ve been kind of pausing to check my direction in life.