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I did finally buy that art I was thinking about. Actually, I did it a while ago, took some time to get around to getting pictures, and then just got caught up in other things. Anyway, they’ve actually been online for a little while now, I just haven’t mentioned it.

Summit Doors
A painting by Jenny Dryw, 2005. 18″ x 24″ x 3/4″
The Shore of Dreams
By Lenore Senovic ( 16×20, oilHad a terrible time getting a picture without glare, this odd angle is the best I’ve got so far.

Crossover II

Wrapping up Crossover I

2007-02-09: Mortgage balance reaches 0.

I wended my way though Citi’s phone system earlier today to confirm that they had received the payment. Estimates over the last few years put payoff anywhere from three years (a year ago) to one year (a few months ago), but backed up by un-expected savings bonds, cashed-out under-performing CDs, and a year end bonus from my employer, and finally the consideration that my ‘six months living expenses’ don’t need to quite so large without a mortgage, the picture got better every time I look at it.

This, however, after the initial recovery, leaves me with the question of what to do with my money. Real estate taxes alone means that housing will be far from free, but the mortgage was still a pretty big chunk of it. First of all, some art actually caught my eye a few months ago (Summit Doors being the lesser of them; I may make a more concerted effort to contact the other artist for Shore of Dreams after other things are taken care of.) Secondly, while my computer is holding pretty well (discounting the failed partition on the original hard drive) it won’t last forever. Neither will the car, and while it should have a long life yet, it has a corresponding large price tag. Beyond that, there charity, savings, and the great unknown future with opportunities yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, would anybody be interested in a house-owning party?

The Take

Sleep forestalled me from listing all the new games I bought at GenCon. So now I’m picking up… For the most part I think there was a general trend towards faster and lighter games, that would be easier to actually play, especially with the less serious gamers.

Diskwars, which I had planned to buy some of as components for a game idea I have ;^) But I found them on sale for $2.00 each, $1.00 each for 10 or more. So I bought what appeared to be all ten basic armies, figuring I should have plenty if anybody ever wanted to play :-)

Vortex, three starter packs. I got these because it’s a pretty neat game (kind of like Magic on a board), and I figured with a couple of starters, I would have enough for a few people to play. Secondary reason was that I can probably hijack the tiles for Harmony prototypes. (Although, Harmony may be going round.) The starter packs were kind of weak; between the three of them, I was barely able to put together three two-army stacks. May be one reason they let you start with a fixed hand ;^)

Quo Vadis?, a , rules-light game that non-the-less gets some good negotiation. And there are still some advanced rules I haven’t tried.

A draft of the new Everway magic system, as free handout from Kat’s game. Still to be looked over in any detail.

Apples to Apples, a nice party game that’s good for a few laughs. Not that I was the only one who bought it. Makes me wonder if any gathering of our friends will be without it from now on…

Fvlminata, and Tali (dice) I already babbled about this, and I haven’t read any of since.

Crop Circle, which I got for free from playing the game, and wouldn’t have bought normally.

Burn Rate

Art by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Otherworld (see below) and Foxknot

De Profundis, next in the ‘New Style’ Line. From the short description, it looks like a GM less Puppetland, with lovecraftian themes.

Maginor, because the bits looked cool (but only because I’d been seeing lots of positive comments about the designer lately, as well.) Reading it over, it appears to be at least a decent game as well.

Virus Alert, a simple, fun little game I tried a booth.

Programmer’s nightmare, because it’s about programming, and it’s by Tom Jolly, of Diskwars, Vortex, and Wiz-War, to name a few.

I think that’s everything…. ;^

Otherworld by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law