The willow knows what the storm does not: that the power to
endure harm outlives the power to inflict it.
          -Magic(tm) card.

School Terra (Earth).
* Attribute: Stamina.
* Primary emotions: courage and stability.
     The Earth is solid, stable, unmoving and resolute.  It's
practitioners inspire their comrades to never give up, emerge
unscathed from dangers that might kill another, and control the
dirt and stones themselves.
     Terra elementals are piles of dirt and rock taking on
whatever form the elemental chooses.
* Special power: Smother: You may control your entire mass as if
an Earth Control (see below) had been used.  You need to spend
karma to control it only on rounds in which you wish to do damage
by strike or crush.
Terra Aspect: Emotion.
Primary Emotions: courage.
Bane: overconfidence:  Unlike Courage itself, practiciners of the
art have a tendacy to take unesssary risks.  If you think that it
would be better to stay away, make a willpower roll, if your
score at least as many success as your rank in Terra Aspect
Emotion, or spend a point of temporay willpower, you may resist
the urge to charge forward.
* Courage: 1k
     (enchant person(s))  Target being is filled with bravery and
determination to defy all odds, but not to the point of
stupidity.  You may target more than one person with this power
in a single action, up to your number of dots in Terra Aspect
     System:  No roll is required.  The subject  gains two extra
dots of willpower until end the end of scene.
Terra Aspect: Enhance.
Primary Emotion: dauntless.
Bane: thrill seeker:  Your tough, and you know it.  You feel the
call of danger, and have no real fear of it, after all, you
haven't died yet, you can take any punishment life deals out.
Life would be boring without some occasional excitement.
Whenever you are tempted by a dangerous but exciting situation
with a chance of suvival, you must make a willpower roll, if you
score at least as many success as you rank in Terra Aspect
Enhance, you may choose to pass on the oportunity.
* Endurance: 1k
     (enchant self)  Dramatically increases your abiltiy reist
damage and avoid exhaustion.
     System:  You gain a number of stamina equal to your rank in
Terra Aspect Enhance until the end of the scene. May not be used
while in effect.
Terra Aspect: Counter.
Primary Emotion: stability.
Bane: Indifference: Since any Caelum effect cast against you is
automaticly resisted, it is harder for you to benifit from
helpfull Caelum powers.
* Mountains High: (1k)
     Any Caelum power which targets you is automaticly resisted
by this power.  You may also take an action and spend a point of
positive karma to attempt such a resistance against any Caelum
spell.  The source of this counter-magic will be obvious.
     System:  Roll a number of dice equal to your rank in Terra
Aspect Counter.  Each success reduces the casters success by one,
or stops the power altogether if it required no roll.
Terra Aspect: Elemental.
Primary Emotion: honor.
Bane: allergy:  You have several allergies to artificial
substances, which cause you a varity of problems.  Whenever you
are in contact with a substance to which you are allergic, your
die pool is at minus one.  You must choose one allergy for each
dot you gain in Terra Aspect Elemental.  The allergy is to an
artificial or produced substance such as the following: plastic;
sythentic fiber (choose one); rubber; white paper; paint; vinyl;
drugs , medicine, or additives (choose one); etc.
* Grow: 1k
     A plant experiences greatly accelerated growth for as long as concentration
maintained, flowering plants affected this way blossom with beautiful flowers.
     System:  No roll is required.  The plant continutes to grow
as long as it's immediate supply of food is not exhausted.
** Dig: 1k
     (enchant self)  For the duration of the scene, even the most
tightly packed dirt gives easily to your slightest touch.
     System:  No roll is required, once the karma has been spent,
you may move dirt freely for the duration of the scene.
*** Pack: 1k
     The effects of mud packs have long been a practice of
primitive medicine.
     System:  By making a mud pack, placing it on a wound, and
spending a point of positive karma, the affected wound(s), even
if they are aggravated, heal as quickly as if they were one
health level lower.  The bruised level heals in but an hour.
**** Stoneshape: 1k
     (enchant self)  Once activated, then, for the rest of the
scene, stone yields to your touch like it was more of a dough
than rock.
     System:  No roll is required to start using the power.
While active, this power is used only when you wish, thus
allowing you to climb the handholds you just made, for instance.
***** Rend the Earth: 1k
     * Ability: Expression (6)
     Rend the Earth opens up a crevice in any large body of dirt
or stone.
     System:  Make a stamina + expression roll, the number of
success you score is the number of success a person on top of the
crevice when it opens must make on a dodge roll to avoid falling
in, and the number of success a person needs to jusp the crack.
The number of success is also the depth of chasm, a person
falling in must soak one damage for each success you made.
***** * Combine: 1k
     * Ability: Athletics (8)
     (enchant self)  You must have contact with some large mass
of dirt or stone to activate this effect.  You enter the material
and remain there in state of somewhat suspended animation.  You
retain a slight sense of beings around you on the outside, but
cannot use any other senses.  If the part of the earth you are
occupying is broken, you will instantly be 'spat out'.
     System:  Make a stamina + athletics roll, diff. 8, for
success or failure.
***** ** Diffuse: 1k
     Once you are Combined, you may travel through continuous
dirt or stone  at a speed no faster than your normal walking
     System:  No roll is required.  The karma need only be spent
to start using the power, and may then be maintained so long as
you concentrate.
***** *** Quake: 2k
     * Ability: Performance (6)
     All persons withen a five to ten mile radius experience
violent shaking.  It may also cause poorly constructed buildings
to collapse.
     System:  Any person affected by the spell must make a
dexterity + athletics roll to remain standing.  The difficulty of
this roll is equal to 6 + [your success on a performance roll] -
[radius (in miles) they are within to you].  Thus if you score
three successes, everyone within the first mile radius (including
you) has difficulty 6 + 3 - 1 = 8; within the second mile has
difficulty 6 + 3 - 2 = 7; the fith mile: 6 + 3 - 5 = 4 etc.
***** **** Earth Control: 1k
     * Ability: Brawl (6) (hit)
     * Ability: none (6) (dam)
     With a thought, you may command any dirt within sight to do
your bidding this turn.  It may even defy gravity so long as some
support is maintained.
     System:  No roll is required to take controll of the dirt,
but to manuvering it correctly does.  You must respend the
activation cost each turn you wish to remain control.  If used to
crush or strike, roll stamina + brawl to hit and unmodified
stamina for damage.
***** ***** Stone Control: 1k
     * Ability: Melee (6) (hit)
     * Ability: none+2 (6) (dam)
     Similar to Earth Control, however, the control is not
'flowing' like earth, rather you may control large hunks of rock
to break off and move at your command, though they may not fly
through the air in any way.
     System:  Once again, nor roll is required to take control,
just to move the stone effectivly.  Use stamina + melee to hit
for a strike or crush and your unmodified stamina, plus two, for
Terra Aspect: Survival.
Primary Emotion: stubbornness.
Bane: call of adventure:  The world is a wide open exciting place
full of fun and interesting things to do.  You cannot bear to be
relegated to the hun-drum exsitance of a daily routine.  At the
end of any day in which you do not try something new or visit a
new place, roll one die for each dot you posses in Terra Aspect
Survivial, each succes is one point of temporary willpower that
you lose.
* Nourish: 1k
     You may make any edible plant into nourishing  and filling
meal, though the spell does nothing for the taste.  It is
possibile to survive completely on Nourishing plants.  The spell
affects the plant itself, so they may be given to others and have
the same effect.
     System:  No roll is required.  The benifits steadly decrease
if the plant is not consumed, after 24 hours, the plant will
provide no extra nourishment.
* Settle: 1k
     Allows you to more eaisly mend minor wounds.
     System:  All of your aggravated health levels 'settle'
twoards the bruised side, allowing you to heal your non-aggraved
levels without special measures to get rid of the aggravated
wounds first.
** Strength of Will: 0k
     (enchant self)  By focusing you mind, you may block out all
     System:  You may spend a point of tempoary willpower to
reduce your total die pool penalty, if any, by one until the end
of the scene.
*** Skin of Stone: 1k
     * Ability: Survival (6)
     (enchant person)  In this ritual, dirt or pebbles are
sprinkled or rubbed on the subject's bare skin.
     System:  At the completion of the ritual, the caster makes a
stamina + survival roll, with the subject gaining one extra
bruised health level per success.  The health levels remain for
one month or until they are checked off due to damage.  If this
ritual is recast while any of these health levels remain, the
previous ones are lost.
**** Plantlore: 1k
     * Ability: Empathy (6)
     By placing your hand on (or making other contact with) a
living plant, you may recieve information about things that have
happend around it.
     System: Make a stamina + empathy roll, with success
determining how much and how detailed of information you may
information that may be recieved, by succes
     1: You may inquire of one fact, to which a simple, probably
one word (or image, as plants don't speak) answer will be
     2: You may recieve a few select bits of innformation as
above, or a single 'playback' of a relavent scene in the plants
     3: For the duration of the scene, you make as many inquires
as you wish, though the responses will still be from the plants
     4: You may return and ask any questions you desire for next
week.  The responses are getting better, but are still not
terribily exciting.
     5: Friend for life: until you decide to end the spell, you
may return to this plant at any time and make whatever inquires
of it you wish.  The information recieved is always interesting
and almost always usefull.
***** Camoflauge: 1k
     * Ability: Stealth (4)
     Camoflauge changes the color of your skin and hair (but not
anything else, such as cloths) to earth or plant tones that match
the natural setting you occupy.  This power may not be used to
blend in with an artificial setting, such as a city, unless there
is a park or other speck of nature.
     System:  Make a stealth roll, diff. 4, the number of success
you score is the number of succes anyone else needs to score to
notice you.
***** * Strength of Stone:
     You take on the qualities of stone itself, though it may
crack, it is very hard to break.
     System:  Your soak rolls are never modified by wound
penalties or any other negative die pool modifier.
***** ** Earthlore: 1k
     * Ability: Alertness (8)
     This powerfull tracking spell allows you to find anyone or
anything traveling over dirt.
     System:  Make a stamina + alertness roll, diff. 8.  If the
sought after person or thing is within a one mile per success
radius, and is, or was recently, in contact with the same body of
earth as you, you know exactly where they are or were.
***** *** Harden:
     Your skin takes on an unusual thickness and strength.
     System:  Reduce your difficulty on soak rolls by one.
***** **** Stoneguide: 1k
     * Ability: Investigation (6)
     (enchant stone)  This ritual enhants a stone with some sort
of point (arrowheads are prefered) so that it will point twoards
the person, thing or place selected when it is enchanted.  You
must have some familiarity with the subject to cast this spell.
     System:  Make an stamina + investigation roll, with the
number of success determining how many times the stone may be
used before it must be re-enchanted.  If someone places the stone
so that it is free to move and utters the word 'seek,' it will
point twoards the subject.  If it is activated within a mile of
the subject, it will also shoot of twoards the subject at the
speed of a brisk walk, going over, under, or around and barriers
that get in the way.  It does this with little force, and is thus
easily restrained.
***** ***** Like a Rock: 1k
     * Ability: Willpower (6)
     (enchant self)  This power takes the raw force of your will
and shapes it into a protective field around you.
     System:  Roll a number of dice equal to your willpower, the
successes is the number of addtional soak dice you gain until the
end of the scene.  If you re-use the power during the same scene,
the new bonus replaces the old.  At any time before makeing a
soak roll, you may perminantly  remove one of these bonus dice
from the enchantment to automatically soak any an one point of