Tempus Edox Rarem
     - 'Time Devourers All.'
          - Proverb

School Tempus (Time).
* Attribute: Perception.
* Primary emotions: worry, angst, regret, hope.
     Though it indeed has stiff competition, Tempus ranks highly as
one of the more potentially potent schools.  Hardly limited to
merely observing the past and future, it has means to displace it's
user and affect the flow of time itself.
relative times chart, referenced later
     -4: centuries
     -3: decades
     -2: years
     -1: months
     0: weeks
     1: days
     2: hours
     3: minutes
     4: seconds
     5: length: now; accuracy: exact
     Tempus elementals phase in and out the current time stream,
causing them to 'jump' suddenly a few steps ahead, be momentarily
non-existent, or even have two of itself at the same time.
* Special power: Phase: Though a Tempus elemental may not stop
phasing in and out of the current time continuum, they may initiate
a phase at an advantageous moment in lieu of a dodge.  A Tempus
Elemetnal may use Phase at the normal cost.
Tempus Aspect: Emotion.
Primary Emotion: angst.
Bane: susceptibility:  You are constantly worrying about the future
or past, and are thus affected by Angst at all times.  You may
cancel it's effects for the duration of a scene by succeeding in a
willpower roll, or spending a point of temporary willpower.
* Angst: 1k
     (enchant person(s))  Creates feelings of angst, worry, or
regret in the subject until end of scene.
     System:  They are lost in thought and receive a penalty of +2
difficulty to all perception rolls as long as this power remains in
effect.  You may target more than one person in a single action, up
to your rank in Tempus Aspect Emotion.
Tempus Aspect: Enhance.
Primary Emotion: concern.
Bane: pride:  You never miss anything, even the subltleist joke or
tinist detail.  Of course those few occasions when you do miss
something cause you a greate deal of worry.  Whenever it becomes
apparent to you that you missed something you could have seen, roll
a number of dice equal to your rank in Tempus Aspect Enhance, you
lose one point of temporary willpower per success.
* Awareness: 1k
     (enchant self)   Enhances your ability to pick out details.
     System:  You gain a number of perception equal to your rank in
Tempus Aspect Enhance until end of scene.  May not be used while in
Tempus Aspect: Counter.
Primary Emotion: regret.
Bane: indifference:  Since any Tempus spell cast in your presence
is automatically resisted, it make it harder for you or your allies
to benifit from Tempus effects.
* Paradox: (1k)
     Any Tempus power which is cast in your presence and not by you
is automaticly resisted
by this power.  The source of this counter-magic will be obvious.
     Syststem:  Roll one die per dot you possess in Tempus Aspect
Counter.  Each success reduces the casters success by one, or stops
the power altogether if it required no roll.
Tempus Aspect: Relocation.
Primary Emotion: worry.
Bane: phase:  Approximatly once a day per dot you posses in Tempus
Aspect Relocation, you experience a random Forward or Rewind.  This
will often happen during a stressfull situation, but is otherwise
under complete storyteller control.
* Premonition: 1k
     * Ability: Alertness (6)
     Allows you gain insight on the very near future.
     System:  You may see a number of turns into the future equal
to your success on a perception +  alertness roll.  For each turn
that you see, all characters must announce to you their intended
actions for that turn, and you receive -2 difficulty for any
reactionary roll (dodging, willpower checks, etc..)
** Phase: 1k
     * Ability: Dodge (4)
     You may jump a few moments into the future, thus avoiding a
bullet or blow from a weapon.
     System:  Make a perception + dodge roll, diff. four, treating
the success as you would a normal dodge roll.  This power may be
activated any time a normal dodge may be used.
*** Retrospect: 1k
     * Ability: Empathy (S)
     Allows to sense recent events that occured to or around a
person or object you can touch or a scene you are in.
     System:  Make a perception +  empathy roll, difficlulty
determined by how long it has been since the event occured.  Each
successs is a fact or 'snapshop' of the event(s) that may be
suggested difficluties
     5: an hour ago
     7: up to five hours ago
     9: up to a day ago
     10: up to a week ago
**** Visions: 1k
     * Ability: Occult (S)
     This power is simmilar to Retrospect, except that it allows
you to look in to the future of something.
     System:  Make a perception +  occult roll, diffulty as per
Retrospect, each success is one fact or image obtained about future
***** Forward: 1k
     * Ability: Stealth (6)
     A more potent form of Phase, Forward allows to travel several
turns into the future, but takes a complete action to activate.
     System:  Make a perception + stealth roll, with each success
being one turn you appear to disappear from existance, as you jump
to a few moments later.
***** * Rewind: 1k
     * Ability: Survival (6)
     The inverse of Forward, Rewind allows to return to your
current conciesnous to your body a few moments ago, allowing you to
do second take on recent events.
     System:  Roll perception + survival, with the number of
successes being the number of turns you backtrack.
***** ** Postcognition: 1k
     * Ability: Investigation (S)
     You may attempt to see into the past of a place, person, or
object with which you are familiar.
     System:  Roll perception + investigation, difficulty of five
minus the length rating (on the relative times chart) of how long
ago the time you wish to view was.  The number of successes is how
close you got to the exact moment desired, on the relative times
***** *** Precognition: 1k
     * Ability: Enigmas (S)
     Allows you to see into the future.
     System:  As per Postcognition, but rolls are made on
perception + enigmas
***** **** Future Travel: 10k
     * Ability: Science (S)
     (enchant self)  Attempt to move into the future, disappearing
from the current time-space continuum for an amount of time equal
the amount you stay in the other time.  The future you visit will
the future without your effect on it, as you are not existing in
the past while you are in the future.
     System:  Make a perception + science roll, difficulty of 6
minus the rank of your displacement into the future (found on the
relative times chart,) the number of success is how close you get
to your desired moment, by the relative times chart.  Each hour you
spend in the future causes you to expend one positive karma, thus
it is very difficult to maintain your presence there.  Keep in mind
that if you go to a point in the future at which there are no
opposing Chosen in the area, your powers will become dormant.
***** ***** Past Travel: 10k
     * Ability: History (S)
     (enchant self)  As per Future Travel, but make your roll on
perception + history instead of science.  Keep in mind that in the
past you will not have any powers you had not achieved by the point
in time to which you go.  Also, come the Armageddon, an equal
number of persons will be chosen for each side, so killing people
before they become Chosen is relatively ineffective.
Tempus Aspect: Warp.
Primary Emotion: hope.
Bane: twisted reality:  Constantly changing and warping time can
lead to serious problems with your perception of reality.  When you
first gain this power, you or the storyteller chooses a
derangement.  During any stressfull situation or heavy use of
Tempus magic, make a willpower roll.  If you fail to get at least
as many successes as your rank in Tempus Aspect Warp, The
derangement takes affect until the end of the scene.
* Variance:
     Instead of rolling dice, you may choose a number for your
initiative.  You may alternately choose an initive for one other
character instead of for yourself.
     System:  No roll is required.
** Advance: 1k
     * Ability: Athletics (6)
     (enchant self)  You feel the effects of time at a hugely
accelerated pace, experiencing the effects of months or even years
in a manner of minutes.  This affects only the 'ageing' of your
body, you will eat and sleep normally, but things such as healing
will be accelerated.
     System:  Make a perception + athletics roll,  and note the
success.  Time may be experienced at a rate of up to ten to the
power of your successes, to one.  Thus, if you score two suceesses,
you may experience the effects of time at up 100 times (10 squared)
faster than normal.  This grants you no additional actions, but you
will heal faster relative to the normal time flow, etc.
*** Transgress: 1k
     * Ability: Etiquette (6)
     (enchant self)  You begin experiencing the effects of time at
a greatly reduced rate
     System: Time may pass at a rate of up to ten to the power of
your successes on a perception +  etiquette roll, to one.  Some of
the effects this has are:  you will barely appear to age, and you
will heal extraordinarily slowly.
**** Speed: 1k
     * Ability: Performance (6)
     Allows too cause others to experience the effects of time
faster than you.  A raging  inferno suddenly becomes more deadly to
them than to you.
     System:  The turn in which you activate this power, all time
excluding you is speed up at a rate of your successes on a
perception + performance roll to one, thus causing others to age
faster, etc..  Thus if you had three successes, everyone else would
receive three actions to your one, or three years to your one.
***** Slow: Sk*
     You may slow down the rate at which others experience time,
allowing you to accomplish more than others in the same amount of
     System:  You may slow down the flow of time, excluding
yourself, by a rate of X to one.   X is as many actions as you pay
for.  A second action costs two karma, gaining a third action in
addtion to  the second costs three karma, a fourth above and beyond
the third costs four, etc.
     *: upon activating this power, you immediately receive your
first action, thus you may effectively disregard the normal one
action activation time.
***** * Age: 1k
     (enchant thing)  You may attempt to affect another being or
object as per Advance.
     System:  If the subject is not willing, they roll their
willpower, with each success reducing  success by one.
***** ** Suspend: 1k
     (enchant thing)  You may affect another being or object as per
     System:  If the subject is not willing, then they make a
willpower roll, with each success reducing your successes by one.
***** *** Speed Other: Sk
     * Ability: Intimidation (S)
     You may attempt to cast Speed, with another person or thing
being the point where time is not altered, effectivly rendering
them unable to do anything for several turns.
     System:  Make a perception + intimidation roll, difficluty of
the victim's willpower if they are unwilling.  The number success
you score is the amount of positive karma you must spend to attempt
to slow them, and the net successes is the number of turns they
will go with only one action among them.
***** **** Slow Other: Sk
     You may attempt to affect another person or thing with Slow,
with them as the point where time is unaffected.
     System:  The cost to do this is the same.  If they are
unwilliing, they resist with thier willpower, with each successes
reducing the number of extra actions they gain this turn by one.
***** ***** Stop: 5k
     You are able to completely remove yourself and a small field
around you from the flow of time, everything else appears to stop.
Since the rest of time has completely halted, there not a lot you
can do, since everything except you and things on your person are
able to experience the effects of time.  You can, however, cover
huge distances in the seeming blink of an eye to rest of the world.