School Procreatio (Creation).
* Attribute: Intelligence.
* Primary emotion: inspiration.
     Working in direct opposition to Dissilutio, this power can
repair it's damage or create it's victims anew, though it shares
some of Dissilutio's simplicity.  It also has a much greater
affinity with life, with effects ranging from regeneration to
resurrection.  It is the essence of things created anew, reveling
in wonder and the inspiration to create.
     Procreatio elementals are life and glamour given shape,
wondrous to look upon and overflowing with the essence of life.
* Special power: Glamour: Any person witnessing a Procreatio
elemental is affected as per Inspire.
* Special power: Presence: A being or thing passing inside a
Procreatio elemental may be Recreated or Healed at normal cost.
Plants around them are affected as per Grow (Terra Aspect
Procreatio Aspect: Emotion.
Primary Emotions: inspiration.
Bane: obsession:  You are an artist, and cannot bear to live
without your art.  At the end of any day in which you either did
not produce some work of art or performance, or spend at least one
hour working on such, roll one die per dot in Procreatio Aspect
Emotion.  Each success is one point of temporary willpower you
* Inspire: 1k
     (enchant person(s))  Instill target being with feelings of
wonder and the desire to create.  You may target more than one
person with this power, up to your rank in Procreatio Aspect
     System:  The subject gain +1 die to any roll dealing with
creativity, and cannot botch such rolls, until end of scene.
Procreatio Aspect: Enhance.
Primary Emotion: creative self-confidence.
Bane: know-it-all:  You have a large reseviour of knowledge, and
take every oportunity to prove your brainpower to others.  To
resist a challange to your abilities requires a willpower roll
scoreing at least as many success as your rank in Procreatio Aspect
Enhance, or the expenditure of a temporary willpower point.
* The Creator's Mind: 1k
     (enchant self)  This power grants you a greater capacity to
understand, though it does not grant knowledge to fill it.
     System:  Gain a number of intelligence equal to your rank in
Procreatio Aspect Enhance until the end of the scene.  May not be
used while in effect.
Procreatio Aspect: Counter.
Primary Emotion: happiness.
Bane: indifference:  Since any Dissilutio effect cast against you
is automatically resisted, it is harder to benifit from helpfull
Dissilutio effects.  Granted, the only such powers are those you
possess yourself...
* Protect: (1k)
     Any Dissilutio power which targets you is automaticly resisted
by this power.  You may also take an action and spend a point of
positive karma to attempt such a resistance against any Dissilutio
spell.  The source of this counter-magic will be obvious.
     System:  Roll a number of dice equal to your rank in
Procreatio Aspect Counter.  Each success reduces the casters
success by one, or stops the power altogether if it required no
Procreatio Aspect: Matter.
Primary Emotion: pride.
Bane: perfectionism:  You desire perfection in everything you do,
and become quite dissapointed if you fail.  You have an
'expectation' of one, plus one for every two dots you possess in
Procreatio Aspect Matter.  If you do not score at least as many
success on a roll to create something as your 'expectation,' you
lose a point of temporary willpower.
* Appearence: 1k
     (enchant self)  By activating this power you may alter the
color, and to a limmited degree, texture, of a non-living object at
any place upon it you can touch.  This abilty to do this lasts
until the end of the scene.
     System:  Attempting to create any meaningfull coloration, such
as writing, requires an inttellegence + abiltiy roll appropiate for
the situation.
** Recreate: 1k
     * Abilities: Repair (8)
     Recreates that which has been damaged.
     System:  Roll intelligence + repair, diff. 8, if the roll is
successful, the object is restored to it's original condition.
*** Mass Alteration: 5k
     * Ability: Intimidation (6)
     You may increase or decrease the mass, and therefore most
likely size of any non living object you may touch.
     System:  Make an intelligence + intimidation roll, with the
mass and size of the object increaseing or decreasing by
approximatly 10% per success.
**** Minor Creation: 2k
     * Ability: Performance (7)
     Attempts to create a simple non-living object of no more than
one part and material.
     System:  Roll intelligence + performance, diff. 7, if the roll
succeeds, the desired object is created.
***** Sculpt: 1k
     (enchant self)  Until the end of the scene, you may push and
squeeze on any non-living object as if were made of soft clay.
     System:  No roll is required.
***** Alter: 2k
     * Ability: Leadership (7)
     With a touch, you may alter any single property of a non-
living object.  You may change color, texture, and to a more
limmitied aspect more fundamental qualities such as density or
temperature; niether may be affected by more than minor amounts.
     System:  Roll intelligence + leadership, diff. 7, if the roll
succedes, the alteration occures.
***** * Simple Creation: 5k
     * Ability: Crafts (8)
     Attempts to create a fairly simple non-living object with a
few moving parts of different, uniform materials.
     System:  Roll intelligence + crafts, diff. 8, if the roll is
successful, the desired object is created.
***** ** Reshape: 3k
     * Ability: Enigmas (8)
     With a touch, you may completly change the phyical
configuration of a non-living object, but not it's material(s) in
any way.  Essentially, you may turn any object into another object
made of the same material(s), and of the same mass.
     System:  Roll intelligence enigmas, diff. 8, if the roll
succedes, the object is reshaped.
***** *** Major Creation: 7k
     * Ability: Expression (9)
     Attempts to create non-living object of any known complexity
and reasonable size.  (known means existing technology, though
extensions are possible at storyteller discretion.)  This power may
create computers, cars, etc..
     System:  Roll intelligence expression, diff. 9, if the roll
succeeds, the desired object is created.
***** **** Change: 5k
     * Ability: Etiquette (9)
     Change attempts to take any non-living mass you are touching
and turn it into a differnt object, having the same mass, but
whatever different properties you desire.  The object is limmited
in terms of it's complexity, you may only turn something into an
object you know how to make by yourself (you don't need the skill
in manufacture, just understanding of how it works; if you don't
understand how to make a computer chip you cannot make anything
object including a (working) computer chip.)
     System:  Roll intelligence etiquette, diff. 9, if the roll is
successfull the object is transformed.
***** ***** Arcane Creation: (S+S)k
     * Ability: Mythlore (5+S)
     The S in both above cases above is the level of the desired
artifact, and is limited to five.  This power allows you to create
artifacts, however powerful ones are very difficult to create.
     System:  Roll intelligence + mythlore, difficulty of 4 plus
the desired level of artifact, a net success indicates the desired
artifact was created.
Procreatio Aspect: Life.
Primary Emotion: joy.
Bane: entrancement:  You revel in the glory of living things, and
are often facinated by the smallest example of mother natures
handiwork.  You may from time to time become totally enthraled in
some small miracle, forgetting other concerns for the time being.
Whenever you witness one of lifes little miracles (or at least on
the few the storyteller chooses to emphisize,) roll a number of
dice equal to your rating in Procreatio Aspect Life, each success
is one hour you are entranced in down time, or one turn during
combat or other turn-baised situations.  You may spend a temporary
willpower point to yank your attention away eairly.
* Regeneration: 1k
     Regenerate allows you to quickly reconstruct you own body.
     System:  Regain one non-aggravated health level.
** Heal: 1k
     * Ability: Medicine (6)
     Mends damaged tissue.
     System:  Roll medicine, the subject regains one non-aggravated
health level per success.
*** Alter: 1k
     (enchant self)  Allows you to favorably alter you body.
     System:  Until the end of the scene, you gain one dot in one
attribute.  Like Aspect Enhance, these bonuses only affect normal
rolls, not magic casting, for instance.
**** Restoration: 5k
     * Ability: Investigation (7)
     Completely restores a living body to it's natural condition,
healing all health levels, including aggrivated.
       Make an intelligence + investigation roll, diff. 7.  If the
roll succedes, the target is restored.
***** Mutate: Sk
     * Ability: Subterfuge (S)
     Attempts to alter the body of yourself or another.  You may
cause the gain of a path of the beast power, with the cost of this
being the normal cost of the power.  You may also attempt one of
the more harmfull variations listed under Ignis Aspect Chaos for
that Mutate power.
     System:  Make an intelligence +  subterfuge roll, difficulty
is six for yourself, the targets willpower for anyone else.  At
least two successes indicates success.
***** * Create Plant: 3k
     * Ability: Survival++ (7)
     Create a plant.    The material is usefull for anything dead
plant material is good for, but it is not giving life by this
     System:  You begin creating a plant of any of any size up one
one cubic foot of material per success on an extended intelligence
+ survival roll, diff. 7.
***** ** Create Animal: 4k
     * Ability: Science++ (7)
     Begin creating the body of an animal, though this power does
not instill it with life.
     System:  Make an extended intellilgence + science roll, diff.
7, each roll does not require an additional expenditure, but does
require at least one minute to perform.  Each success gives the
body one point in an attribute, limit to five in a single
attribute.  Thus, at least nine success are generally needed to be
***** *** Instill life: 5k
     * Ability: Empathy (8)
     Instills life into an organism.  This may return a recently
dead person, whom has been dead for no more than half an hour at
maximum, to life.  This does not remove the cause of their death;
the Heal power will often have to be used first (or they will
instantly die upon their return.)  If the person has been dead too
long, or the body is new, the intelligence of the person brought to
life will be that of a new-born.
     System:  Make an intelligence + empathy roll, diff. 8, to
determine success or faliure.  This power will grant only life, not
sentience, to newly created bodies or those dead over one half
hour.  The raised dead will recover all of thier former mental
facilities, except for the indicated memories.
forgetfulness of raised, by time dead.
     0-1 minutes: no memory loss.
     1-5 minutes: prior events of this scene forgotten.
     5-10 minutes: last day to week forgotten.
     10-20 minutes: last month to year forgotten.
     20-30 minutes: amnesia, own identity forgotten.
     30+ minutes: total blank, knowledge of newborn.
***** **** Sentience: 5k
     Instill in a nonsentient, living animal the ability of self-
awarness.  This does grant any actual extra knowledge or ablity,
except the quality of self-awarness.
     System:  No roll is required.
***** ***** Recall the Long Dead Soul: 10k
     * Ability: Occult++ (8)
     Allows you to recall the concience of a person into a living,
nonsentient body.  You or someone else participating in the ritual
must have known the person somewhat well.
     System:  Make an extened occult roll, difficulty eight,
attempting to score ten success.  A roll may be made for every
consecutive hour you perform the ritual, which must not be