Path of Knowledge.

Walking down this path, one comes to another disk, with a being standing in the center. The image of this being is shaped by the viewers vision of god, if any for the good, and the devil for the evil. He appears as a stereotypical wise and ageing man for the godless, or the stereotypical man with red skin, horns, tail, etc.. Regardless of the form, he has a white (or black) aura, visible to anyone with Karma Knowledge one. For one positive karma one question, to a maximum of five per visit, may be asked of this being. The questions, provided they are reasonable and within the storytellers power to answer, must be answered truthfully, though not necessarily completely. The storyteller is advised to be prepared to answer questions that may reveal more than they would like. Either make plans ahead of time or further restrict the questions.

Additionally, each visit to the Path of Knowledge grants the visiter one higher rank in Karma Knowledge. This costs one positive karma per dot of the level being gained.