School Ignis (Fire).
* Attribute: Charisma.
* Primary emotions: various forms of passion.
     The chaotic flames of passion despise the mundane,
constantly reaching for greater heights; quick to burn all those
who dare draw near.  It has the power to call forth the forces of
chaos itself, to uncertain ends.
flame chart, for later reference.  heat is difficulty to soak a
number of wounds equal to size.
Rank Heat Size
0        --         0 wounds (untouched)
1    diff. 3        1 wound (part of body)
2    diff. 5        2 wounds (half of body)
3    diff. 7        3 wounds (whole body)
4    diff. 9        3 wounds (whole body)
5    diff. 10       3 wounds (whole body)
     Ignis elementals are seething balls of flame, constantly
churning and whirling, burning anything which contacts them.
* Special power: Scorch:  You are treated as if you had cast
Baptism by Fire. at all times, water will force you out of
elemental form instead of ending the enchantment.
Ignis Aspect: Emotion.
Primary Emotion: desire.
Bane: susceptibility:  You are always affected by Passion, as if
you had cast it upon yourself, though it only manifests some of
the time, when temptations are especailly high.
* Passion: 1k
     (enchant person(s))  The subject is filled with feelings of
intense passion.  You may attempt to direct the form this takes,
be it love, inspiration, or hate, but be wary of the chaotic
flames (storyteller discretion).  You may target more than one
person in a given action, up to one per dot in Ignis Aspect
     System: The subject must make a willpower roll, attempting
to score more successes than your rank in Ignis Aspect Passion
(or spend a point of willpower to cancel Passion) to avoid acting
on this desire.
** Orgy: 1k
     * Ability: Expression (6)
     (enchant area)  Allows you to release the inhibitions of all
persons in some good natured atomosphere, most often a party.
     System:  Make a charisma + expression roll, diff. 6.  Anyone
whom wishes to resist thier ture desires must score at least as
many success as you on a willpower roll, diff. 7.
Ignis Aspect: Counter. 5/x2
Primary Emotion: excitement.
Bane: Indifference. Since any Aqua spell which targets you is
resisted, it makes it harder to benilfit from  helpful Aqua
* Evaporate: (1k)
     Any Aqua power which targets you is automaticly resisted by
this power.  You may also take an action and spend a point of
positive karma to attempt such a resistance against any Aqua
     System:  Each success on a roll of one die per dot you
possess in Ignis Aspect Counter reduces the casters success by
one, or stops the power altogether if it required no roll.  The
source of this counter-magic will be obvious.
Ignis Aspect: Enhance.
Primary Emotion: inspiration.
Bane: peacock.  You have a beautiful voice and are given to
livley converstaion, and you cannot resist the urge to show off
you talents.  You must make a willpower roll, and get at least as
many success as your rank in Ignis Aspect Enhance to pull
yourself away from a social situation.  A simmilar roll may be
required to avoid letting secrets slip, especially if they are
not your own.
* Passion's Tongue: 1k
     (enchant self)  Increases the qulity of your voice and your
ability to hold livly, stimulating converstion or make moving
     System:  Until the end of the scene, your charisma is
increased by a number of dice equal to your rank in Ignis Aspect
Enhance.  May not be used while in effect.
Ignis Aspect: Elemental.
Primary Emotion: hate.
Bane: the wild flame.  You are the burning churning flame, first
wheeling one way then the other.  You have a tendancy twoards
unprovoked mood swings.  As one of the results, your die pool on
any self control roll is reduced by one for every dot you posses
in Ignis Aspect Elemental.
* Torch: 1k
     (enchant self)  You may create a torch sized flame on any
one part of your body.  It requires no concentration to maintain,
though a second may not be started while one is in effect, and
may be dispatched with a thought.
     System:  Your receive no damage from the flame, but anyone
touched by it must succeed in a soak roll diff. 6 or take one
wound of damage.  If you enflame your hands or other body parts
for a brawl attack, this adds one auto-success to your related
damage roll.
** Command the Leaping Flame: (1k)
     (* Ability: Leadership (6))
     You may command any existing fire to do your bidding,
swirling around in patterns, growing (fuel allowing),  or
shrinking.  Once you have an established source of flame, you may
throw bellows of it as an attack at nearby targets.    System:
If you command the flame as an attack, roll charisma + leadership
to hit (it may be dodged,) with the number of net success being
the rank of the size on the flame chart.  If the hit is
successful, make a charisma roll to increase the rank of the heat
from a starting value of one on the flame chart.
*** Firebreath: 1k
     * Ability: Melee (6)
     Taking a deep breath, you may bellow flames at nearby
opponents (within normal melee range.)
     System:  Make a charisma + melee roll to increase the rank
of the size of your fireball from zero, with your victim making a
dodge roll to reduce your successes.  If the hit is successful,
make a charisma roll to determine the heat of the flame.
**** Body of flame: 1k
     (enchant self)  Your body bursts into raging but
concentrated inferno, buring anything, execept you, unfortunate
enough to contanct.  This functions exzactly as if you had been
able to cast Torch on your entire body.
     System:  All brawl attacks do one auto-success of damage,
and anyone contacting you must make soak roll, diff. 6 or take
one level of damage (more if larger areas of thier body contacted
***** Flameblast: 1k
     * Ability: Firearms (4)
     A concentrated ball of flames erupts from you hand, heading
in the direction commanded, probably towards your foes.  It Goes
forward until stopped or it reaches semi-distant range, rolling
over anyone or thing that happens to be in the way.
     System: By itself the blast starts at rank one both heat and
size (see the flame chart, above).  Each success on a firearms
roll, diff. 4 moves your choice of heat or size up one category.
Heat is the difficulty to soak a number of wounds equal to size.
Successes on dodge rolls reduce the effective size by one
category for that person, thus, though you may not go beyond
three wounds on size, you may put in 'extras' as hit insurance.
***** * Wall of Fire: 1k
     * Ability: Intimidation (6)
     A thin crevise opens up in the earth, and burning flames
come buring up from the depths, searing all those whom dare to
     System:  Make a charisma + intimidation rol to determin how
long the flames pour fourth.  Anyone attempting to pass through
must attempt to soak three wounds of damage at difficluty seven.
(rank 3 heat and size.)
duration of wall, by successes
     1: 1 round
     2: 3 rounds
     3: one minute
     4: three minutes
     5: ten minutes
***** ** Rain of Fire: 3k
     * Ability: Athletics (6)
     You may make the very skies rain fire for one round, setting
ablaze any flamable thing they hit, and likely injuring anyone
caught in the rain
     System:  Make a charisma + athletics roll to determine the
rank of the heat.  Any person caught in the rain (about a 25'
radius), including yourself, whom fails a dodge roll, diff. 8, if
they are able, must make soak one wound at a difficulty
determined by your success.
***** *** Erupt: 2k
     * Ability: Crafts (6)
     A crack opens up at any ground location you desire it to and
can see, and spews forth a pillar of molten rock for one round.
     System:  If centered on a person, they must make a dodge
roll against size rank five.  Make a charisma + crafts roll to
determine the rank of the heat.  Even though it targets a
location, if it is cast to hit a person, thier Aqua Aspect
Counter may resist it.
***** **** Inferno: 5k
     * Ability: Performance (6)
     A large area  around and including the caster erupts in
flames, burning all those inside of it's area of effect.
     System:  (For the following heat and size values, see the
flame chart, above.)  The size of the Inferno is rank 5 for 5
yard radius of caster, 4 for 10 yard radius, 3 for 15 yard
radius, 2 for 20 yard radius, 1 for 25 yard radius.  The heat
rank  is the casters success on a charisma + performance roll.
The caster may maintain a started Inferno by spending only 4k per
***** ***** Baptism by Fire: 5k
     * Ability: Empathy (8)
     (enchant self)  You may become the flame itself, joining with the
fire and losing your normal physical form for a while.  This fire
is inherintly magical, and requires no fuel to burn, though it
will of course ignite any flamable object that happens to get
near it.  While in this form, you are effectively immune to
physical attacks, fire damage, and gravity, though a good douse
of water can quickly end your enchantment.
     System:  Stepping into a fire, make a charsima + empathy
roll.  If the roll is successfull, your recieve no damage from
the fire and enter your new state.  If it fails, you recieve
normal damage from the fire and must attempt again.  If someone
touches you in fire form, or if you make a successful charisma+brawl
roll, opposed by a dodge, if any, to contact them, they are burned.
If they contacted you, use an appropriate rank (on the flame chart)
for size.  If you contacted them, the size is your net success to hit.
In either case, roll your charisma to increase the rank of the heat.
Ignis Aspect: Chaos.
Primary Emotion: confusion.
Bane: heart of chaos.  Every magic spell you cast is effected as
per Choas Magic.
* Chaos Surge: 1k
     The most basic and truly chaotic of the powers, calls chaos
does something... but you won't have the foggist what it is ahead
of time, except that it will be some magicical effect.
System:  Choose a target, which will be the benifactiary (?) of
what ever happens,  roll three dice, and refer to the charts
First die: school
     1: Ignis
     2: Aqua
     3: Terra
     4: Caelum
     5: Dissilutio
     6: Corruptio
     7: Procreatio
     8: Purgatio
     9: Tempus
     0: Randomly choose a new target, and re-roll this die.
Second die: aspect
     1,2: Emotion
     3,4: Counter
     5,6: Enhance
     7,8: 'first listed' special aspect (ex: Ignis Aspect
     9,0: 'second listed' special aspect (ex: Ignis Aspect Chaos)
Third die: rank
     The number rolled is the rank of the power activated, at no
additonal cost. ex: if a 5 was rollled, Ignis Aspect Counter
would do a five-die counter against all Aqua effects they had
upon them (if any),  in Ignis Aspect Elemental, they would be
Flameblasted, using your charisma + firearms.  If an power which
has no activation cost is chosen, ie, something which gives a
character a special bonus or abiltiy just for having it, they
gain that ability for the duration of the scene.
** Confusion: 1k
     * Ability: Enigmas (6)(vs. willp (6))
     (enchant person)  Confusion fills the targets world with
leaping, swirling, lights, strange, random noises, and stranger
smells.   System:  Make a charisma + enigmas roll to determine
how confusing it is.  For the remainder of the scene the target
will be too confused by the choas to do any usefull thing unless
they succeed in a willpower roll, scoring at least as many
success as you, at the begining of each turn.  If they succeed in
this roll three consecutive times, the enchantment ends.
*** Mood Swings: 1k
     (enchant person)  This power attempts to affect the targeted
person with one of the other emotion powers.
     System:  Roll a single die to determine which power.  If the
resulting emotions are for a specific person/thing, determine
this randomly.
Aspect Emotion:
     1: Passion(love): Ignis Aspect Emotion
     2: Calm: Aqua Aspect Emotion
     3: Courage: Terra Aspect Emotion
     4: Timid: Caelum Aspect Emotion
     5: Anger: Dissilutio Aspect Emotion
     6: Lure: Corruptio Aspect Emotion
     7: Inspire: Procreatio Aspect Emotion
     8: Honesty: Purgatio Aspect Emotion
     9: Angst: Tempus Aspect Emotion
     0: Passion(hate): Ignis Aspect Emotion
**** Alteration: 1k
     (enchant self)  Alteration can change your body for short
periods of time.
     System:  Choose an attribute and roll one die.  Attributes
will not be lowered below 0 by this power, however reduction of
physical attribute to zero will leave you effectivly paralyzed
until you can re-activate this power or use another method to
correct the situation.
effect of die on the attribute
     1,2: -2
     3,4,5: +1
     6,7,8: +1
     9,0: +2
***** Change: 1k
     Change will alter you current state of body, ie, your health
levels.  Use of this power may reduce you to incapacitated, but
not to death.
     System:  Roll one die and refer to the chart below.
effect of die on your current health levels ('+' is healed, '-'
is further harm)
     1: -3
     2,3: -2
     4,5: -1
     6,7: +1
     8,9: +2
     0: +3
***** * Choas Magic: 1k
     Target spell is cast drawing on the magic of Choas, which
causes several unpredicable effects.
     System:  First, the character casting a chaotic spell should
roll two dice, a choas die and a surge die.  The number rolled on
the choas die should be cross referenced with your rank in Ignis
Aspect Choas on the chart below, and a modifier for the die pool
(if any) for the spell is determined by such (this will not lower
a die pool below one.)  If the surge die rolls the same number as
the choas die, a Choas Surge is cast instead of the intended
spell, affecting the former target (the caster if the spell had
no target.)

               Die Roll

          1  2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   0
L  1  |  -1  0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   +1
e  2  |  -1  -1  0   0   0   0   0   0   +1  +1
v  3  |  -1  -1  -1  0   0   0   0   +1  +1  +1
e  4  |  -2  -1  -1  -1  0   0   +1  +1  +1  +2
l  5  |  -2  -2  -1  -1  0   0   +1  +1  +2  +2
   6  |  -2  -2  -1  -1  -1  +1  +1  +1  +2  +2
   7  |  -3  -2  -2  -1  -1  +1  +1  +2  +2  +3
   8  |  -3  -3  -2  -1  -1  +1  +1  +2  +3  +3
   9  |  -4  -3  -2  -1  -1  +1  +1  +2  +3  +4
  10  |  -5  -4  -3  -2  -1  +1  +2  +3  +4  +5
***** ** Path of Chaos: 1k
     You may call forth the very same forces of chaos that govern
the Path of Chaos, and bring them to bear on a victim.
     System:  Refer to the full description under the Path of
***** *** Chaos Transport: 1k
     Chaos Transport takes you somewhere.... and for more than
likely someplace other than where you are, though it will
ussually be a place you know, or somewhere withen the same area
as you are now, or perhaps the place where a person you know is.
     System:  This power places you completely at the mercy of
the storyteller in deciding you destination.  This can be an
excelent way to advance the plot, though such usefull jumps will
take place rarly, probably not more than once a story.  The new
location will almost always be someplace 'interesting.'  One of
the best uses of this power is an escape.
***** **** Mutation: 1k
     Effects some, ussualy drastic, physical change in the
subject.  This is a randomly chosen Path of the Beast or a
simmilar mutation with a negative effect.
     System:  Roll one die to determine the severity of the
change.  Some sample negatives are listed below.
aproximate severity and type of mutation. (other rolls will be
between those given.)
     1: A debilitating flaw.
     5: A minor flaw
     6: A minor boon (1-4 points on Path of the Beast)
     0: A major boon (about 15 points on Path of Beast)
Sample flaws (many physical flaws from the players guides' are
also appropiate)  Listed more or less from minor to major.
Disfigurement:  Reduces the victims appearance.  This flaw may
vary from minor to major by having a greater or lesser reduction
of the subjects appearace.
Hoves: The characters feet and/or hands (which of these change
occur can be used as a varience of the severtity)  changes to
hoves such as a horse would have.  This make movement difficult
if on the feet (two die penalty, may be reduced if the character
gains practice with them) and make use of the hands imposible, as
they no longer exist.
Bad Eyesight:  The characters eyes go bad, this flaw also can
range, from getting worse vision to total blindness.
Aversion to Sunlight:  The character suddenly finds sunlight
espcially bothersome.  This can range form dice pool penalties as
a low level flaw to taking damage as a higher level flaw.
Life of a Fish:  This potentially fatal mutation replaces the
character's lungs with gills.  If they cannot reach water, they
will 'drown'.
Brother Dearest:  The character sprouts a second head, more than
likely with a disagreabel personality, that will fight for
control of the body.

***** ***** Call Chaos: 5k
     Calls forth the forces of chaos on all persons in a large
area about you (including you.)  The effect of this is simmilar
to that of Chaos Surge, but due to the number of potential
effecties, it has been reduced to a single die to determine
     System:  Each individual within the approximatly 25' radius
of the spell should roll a single die, affect as below.  No karma
need be spent by any party to activate these powers.
effect of Call Chaos on an individual
     1:  An Ashes to Ashes (Corruptio Aspect Corrupt) is cast
against the character with die pool of three.
     2: A Dust to Dust (Dissilutio Aspect Destroy) is cast
against everything on the character's person, with a die pool of
three and Arcane Destruction (Dissilutio Aspect Destroy) in
     3: An Erupt is cast on the place the character is standing
on, with a die pool of five.
     4: A Chaos Transport is cast against the chracter.
     5: Until the end of the scene, any spell the character casts
or that is cast against the character automatically has a
Counter-Magic (Aqua Aspect mind) cast against it, with die pool
of five.
     6: A Flight (Caelum Aspect Elemental) is cast against the
character with a die pool of five.
     7: A Skin of Stone (Terra Aspect Survival) is cast against
the character, with a die pool of five.
     8: Speed Other (Tempus Aspect Warp) is cast against the
character, granting three extra actions.
     9: A field of Sanctuary (Purgatio Aspect Purify) surrounds
the character until they will it gone.
     0: A Restoration (Procreato Aspect Life) is cast against the
character, automatic success.