The Path of Greatness.

Upon Walking down the Path of Greatness, one sees two patterns upon the floor, the sign of the Path of Greatness proper, the body inside a circle with the hands and feet upon the edge of it, and the pattern representing Arts, special abilities that can only be learned here, they are described below. Standing upon the circle of greatness a character is asked "How shalt thou grow?", the 'correct' answer to which is the name of an attribute or ability. Though a small amount of leeway is allowed, greatness shouldn't be able to advance the tenets of other paths. If an attribute is named (or the storyteller determines that the answer given is closest to an attribute,) that attribute gains one dot and the character loses four times the former rating in positive karma. If an ability is chosen, follow the same procedure, but the cost is two times the former rating, three for a new ability.