The Dreams.

Before waking on the first day of the new millennia, and each night thereafter until their task is completed, each Chosen finds themselves in a dreamrealm. They are standing on a disk of undiscernible material, with five pathways leading off into the distance, evenly spaced, about in the same pattern as a five pointed star. If they have Karma Knowledge of at least one, they will be able to see a pattern on the disk which will gives them an indication of which path is which. They will start out facing the Path of Knowledge, but until their character has appropriate experience, all attempt should be made to either go straight forward not knowing what they will find, or choose another path randomly.

If the Chosen is a force of Good, the disk and it's paths float in a void, but everything is well lit with a pleasing, soft glow.

If the Chosen is a force of Evil, they are instead among burning flames, lighting everything with a harsh light, flickering from reddish to black.

When they walk down a path, the seemingly infinite distance they could see will quickly come to one of the following. One may choose not to take any path. They may then take more than one path on a future date.