School Dissilutio (Destruction).
* Attribute: Strength.
* Primary emotions: anger, malice, and desire for destruction.
     Simple and dedicated in it's purpose, Dissilutio has one
task and one alone: destroy, destroy, destroy.  This it does
exceptionally well, though the higher ranks only allow for things
to be destroyed more completely, and offer little other service.
It's main weakness is the relative inability to deal directly
with living targets, and artifacts as well, until it gains the
Arcane Destruction power.  Dissilutio also has command of the
destrcutive side of nature, commanding great disasters.
     Dissilutio elementals are black, churning storms of raw
anger.  Small bolts of electricity arc throughout them with
thunderous sounds.
* Special power: Presence: Any non-living object passing within a
Dissilutio elemental may be affected with Breakdown, Twist, or
Ignite at normal cost.
Dissilutio Aspect: Emotion.
Primary Emotion: anger.
Bane: short fuse:  If you suffer any humiliation, insult, or pain
by cause of another, you will become affected by Anger as if you
had cast it upon youself.
* Anger: 1k
     (enchant person(s))  Instill in target being feelings of
hatred and rage.  You may target more than one person with this
power in a single action, up to one per dot in Dissilutio Aspect
     System:  They must make a willpower roll, and score at least
as many success as your rank in Dissilutio Aspect Emotion (or
spend the willpower point to cancel Anger) or they will attempt
to lash out in anger (at an enemy if one is avialible), until the
end of scene.  They have minus one to all rolls while doing this,
but ignore wound penalties.
* Eyes of Rage: 1k
     * Ability: Intimidation (4)
     Instead of a normal intimidation roll, you may cause your
eyes to glow red with anger for a few brief moments.
     System:  Roll strength + intimidation, diff. 4, instead of
the normal intimidation roll.
Dissilutio Aspect: Enhance.
Primary Emotions: malice.
Bane: bully:  You are stronger than all of the other shleps, and
anyone whom doubts you needs to taught a lesson, preferable with
your fists doing the talking.  If anyone doubts your strength,
and you wish to avoid proving yourself though violence (you may
refrain to a single punch or slam, so long as your subject looks
convinced) you must make a willpower roll, attempting to score at
least as may successes as your rank in Dissilutio Aspect Enhance.
If you fail by only one success, you may prove yourself through
wieghtlifing or other non-violent means.  You may also spend a
temporary willpower point as a last resort.
* Rage's Might: 1k
     (enchant self)  Channels your anger, allowing to perform
greater feats of strength.
     System:  You gain a number of strength equal to your rank in
Dissilutio Aspect Enhance until the end of the scene.  May not be
used while in effect.
Dissilutio Aspect: Counter.
Primary Emotion: prejudice.
Bane: indifference:  Since all Procreatio spells cast against you
are resisted, it is harder for you benifit from helpfull
Procreatio effects.
* Destroy: (1k)
     Any Procreatio power which targets you is automaticly
resisted with by this power.  You may also take an action and
spend a point of positive karma to attempt such a resistance
against any Procreatio spell.  The source of this counter-magic
will be obvious.
     System:  Roll a number of dice equal to your rank in
Dissilutio aspect Destroy.  Each success reduces the casters
success by one, or stops the power altogether if it required no
Dissilutio Aspect: Destroy.
Primary Emotion: disgust.
Bane: malfunction:  Once you start down the path of destruction,
you have made a choice to be a force of destruction, not that of
creation.  Machines you use have a tendancey to break, and even
simple tools will likly break when you attempt to do anything
constructive with them.  When every you operate a machine, roll a
number of dice equal to you rating in Dissilutio Aspect Destroy
with diff. 7.  If this roll succeeds, the machine breaks.  If you
use any sort of tool, make this roll at difficulty 8.
* Breakdown: 1k
     * Ability: Security/(special) (5)
     A machine with moving or electronic parts ceases to function
and requires some amount of time to repair.
     System:  Roll strength + either security or an ability
appropriate for the device; computer for a computer, mechanics
for a car, etc.  The object breaks if it is successful, and an at
least equivalent amount of successes on an extended repair roll
is need to return it to function.
** Twist: 1k
     * Ability: Brawl (6) (vs. stamina + athletics (6))
     Twists a solild object around, probably destoying it's
former functinality.  Twist may target a single bone, allowing to
affect living targets.
     System:  Make a strength + brawl roll, if it is successfull,
the target is twisted.  If targeted against a bone, it is opposed
by the victims stamina + athletics.
*** Rend: 1k
     * Ability: Melee (6) (vs. stamina + athletics. (6))
     Breaks a solid object.  Like Twist, it may be targeted on a
single bone, thus making it one of Dissilutio's ways of dealing
with the living.
     System:  Roll strength + melee,  if the roll is successful,
the target is broken in two.  If  targeted against a bone, it is
opposed by the person's stamina + athletics.
**** Crush: 2k
     * Ability: Intimidation (7)
     Crush causes a force to hit a target, like a large, heavy
thing had just fallen upon it (though the force can come form any
direction, not just above.)  The force is invisible and thus may
not be dodged (unless the character has True Seeing in effect,
see Aqua Aspect Mind.)
     System:  It does one damage per success on an strength +
intimidation roll, diff. 7, plus one if the target was crushed
against another solid object.
***** Ignite: 1k
     * Ability: Science (7)
     Cause a reaction in any substance which has the danger of a
chemical or flammable reaction.
     System:  Roll strength + science, diff. 7, if the roll is
successful, the substance reacts.
***** * Shatter: 2k
     * Ability: Repair (7*)
     Target non-living object is shattered like so much glass.
Putting the object back together is nearly impossible.
     System:  Roll strength + repair, diff. 7, the object is
shattered if it is successful.  Previously Frozen objects have a
diffiulty of 6 to Shatter.
***** ** Freeze: 1k
     * Ability: Enigmas (6)
     Target non-living, dense (cloth, for instance, does not
freeze well, while metal, stone, or water make better targets)
object has it's temperature drastically lowered, to the point
where it may cause damage to chracters contacting it.
     System:  Cold damage is treated like fire damage, refer to the
flame chart under School Ignis.  Each success on a strength +
enigmas roll increases the difficulty to soak the cold damage by
one rank.  The size of effect is determined by the storyteller.
The rank of this coldness decreases by one per turn, until it
reaches 0 and the object may be touched safely again.  Freezing an
object also reduces the difficulty to Shatter it by one.
***** *** Melt: 3k
     * Ability: Occult (7)
     Melt has the exact same effect as Freeze, except that it heats
things instead of cooling them, does not affect Shatter, but can
destroy things by itself if it gets them hot enough.
     System:  Roll strength + occult, diff. 7, to increase the
object's heat, if the heat reaches rank five (the heat of molten
metal) metal objects will melt, others will melt at an appropiate
heat, but the melting point of  metal is a 'catch all.'
***** **** Arcane Destruction: Sk
     * Ability: Mythlore (S) vs. art. level (6)
     You may target any other Dissilutio Power against an artifact,
at a cost of the powers normal cost plus one.
     System:  Use strength + Mythlore instead of the powers normal
roll, and use the power's normal difficulty.  Recall that all
artifacts resist any form of destruction with a number of dice
equal to thier level.
***** ***** Dust to Dust: (X+X+X)k
     * Ability: Crafts (8)
     Reduces X non-living targets to piles of dust.
     System:  Roll strength + crafts, diff. 8, for each target, if
the roll is successful the target is irrevocably destroyed.
Dissilutio Aspect: Disaster.
Primary Emotion: wrath.
Bane: magnet:  This power summons disasters to you... but not just
when you want it to.  At the beginning of each story, the
storyteller should roll one die.  If the number rolled is less than
or equal to your rank in Dissilutio Aspect Disaster, a disaster
will occure to or near to you during the course of a story.
* Storm: 3k
     (enchant region)  Within a day of casting this spell, the
region will be hit with terrible storms.  There will be high winds
and torrental downpores, large hail, or blizzard conditions
depending on the location and time of year.
     System:  No rll is required.  You may attemtp to shape the
nature of the weather, but you may not be certain this is what will
** Quake:  5k
     * Ability: Performance (6)
     All persons withen a five to ten mile radius experience
violent shaking and it may also cause poorly constructed buildings
to collapse.
     System: Those within range must make a dex + athletics roll to
remain standing.  The difficulty of this roll is equal to 6 + [your
success on a performance roll] - [radius (in miles) they are within
to you].  Thus if you score three succes, everyone within the first
mile radius (including you) has difficulty 6 + 3 - 1 = 8; within
the second mile has difficulty 6 + 3 - 2 = 7; the fith mile: 6 + 3
- 5 = 4 etc.
*** Heat: 5k
     * Ability: Survival (6)
     (enchant region)  The region will experience drasticly hotter
weather, possibley upsetting the local ecosystem.
     System:  This occures for one week per success on a strength
+ survival roll.
**** Cold: 5k
     * Ability: Investigation (6)
     (enchant region)  The region will experience drasticly colder
weather, possibley upsetting the local ecosystem.
     System:  This occures of one weeek per success on a strength
+ investigation roll.
***** Fire: 3k
     A ball of flame erupts at a location you specifiy, treat it as
normal fire, once the intial ball is gone, it will only remain if
there is a fuel to keep it going.
     System:  Characters hit by this ball of flame soak vs.
standard difficulty (6), two wounds for a direct hit, one for
lesser contact.
***** * Flood: 7k
     * Ability: Empathy (6)
     (enchant region)  The region is heavely flooded, causeing lose
of homes, fields, etc.
     System:  This occures for two days per success on a strength
+ empathy.
***** ** Parch: 7k
     * Ability: Etiquette (6)
     (enchant region)  The region has record low humidity, and is
completely devoid of new moisture, in addition to the rapid drying
of the ground.
     System:  This occurs for one week per success on a strength +
etiquette roll.
***** *** Tornado: 5k
     * Ability: Drive (7)
     A swirling vortex of air forms and begins throwing everthing
     System:  When the tornado is formed, make a strength + drive
roll, any time something is picked up and thrown, it takes a number
of damage equal to your number of success from the fall.  You may
maintain the tornado for only 3k per turn.
***** **** Tsunami: 7k
     * Ability: Expression (S)
     A huge tidal wave sweeps up cutting a swath of destruction.
     System:  A strength + performance roll is made, with the
number of successes being the damage assigned to every thing hit by
it, including the caster if he ends up in the way.  The wave will
hit in three rounds.  The difficulty of this roll is 5 near large
bodies of water, 7-10 elsewhere, depending on humidity.
***** ***** Volcano: 10k
     * Ability: Leadership (6)
     (enchant region)  A crack opens up in the ground, which then
begins spewing forth ash, molten rock, and poisenous gase.
     System:  This lasts for one month per success on a strength +
leadership roll has passes.  A volcanic cone is formed in the