The body is a temple with a foundation of sand.
          - Magic(tm) card.

School Corruptio (Corruption).
* Attribute: Appearance.
* Primary emotions: seduction, temptation, lust.
     Liar.  Defiler.  Parasite.  The sharp-tongued devil that sits
on you shoulder and bids you do wrong.  Primally connected with the
dark side, Corruptio includes powers to specifically attack the
champions of Good.
     Corruptio elementals are swirling voids of pure darkness from
which no light escapes.
* Special power: Presence: Any food or drink passing within a
Corruptio elemental is automatically Purified.  Any good aligned
person contacting it is may be affected with Corrupt the Soul at
normal cost.
Corruptio Aspect: Emotion.
Primary Emotion: lust.
Bane: susceptibility:  You have a hard time controling you sexual
desires, and can hardly resist at least approacing good looking,
not nessicarily single, members of your desired gender, even when
it is an inconvience to other activities.  You may enter short-term
relationships so long as the person intrests you, but you will
never settle down (at least not into a faithfull relationship.)
Whenever you see an interesting person, it is as if you had cast
Lure (lust) upon youself.
* Lure: 1k
     (enchant person(s))  Inspires feelings of lust or evil in the
targeted being until end of scene.  You may attempt to control whom
the lust is felt for.  You may target more than one person in a
single action, up to one per dot in Corruptio Aspect Emotion.
     System:  The subject must succeed in a willpower roll,
attempting to score at least as many successes as your rank in
Corruptio Aspect Emotion, (or spend the willpower point to cancel
Lure) to resist this temptation.
Corruptio Aspect: Enhance.
Primary Emotion: pride (vanity).
Bane: vanity:  "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of
them all?"  - Snow White  You are the best looking person in the
world, and cannot bear to have any live whom exceed you.  If you
find a person of the same gender with higher appearance than
yourself, you will make a rival of them.  If they cannot be
hummuliated, then they must be killed.  You may attempt to avoid
these tendancies by makeing a willpower roll,  scoring at least as
many successes as you rank in Corruptio Aspect Enhance, or by
spending a temorary willpower point.
* Form of the Deception: 1k
     (enchant self)  You may alter you facial features, makeing you
look bueatifull or ugly, but not allowing enough control to make
you become mistaken for a particular person.
     System:  Add or remove up to your rank  in Corruptio Aspect
Enhance to your appearance.  This may not cause a modifier to your
appearance greater then your rank in Corruptio Aspect Enhance.
Corruptio Aspect: Counter.
Primary Emotion: sloth.
Bane: indifference:  Since any purgatio effect cast against you is
automatically countered, it makes it harder to benifit from
helpfull purgatio effects.
* Stained: (1k)
     Any Purgatio power which targets you is automaticly resisted
by this power..  You may also take an action and spend a point of
positive karma to attempt such a resistance against any Purgatio
spell.  The source of this counter-magic will be obvious.
     System:  Roll a number of dice equal to your rank in Corruptio
Aspect Counter.  Each success reduces the casters success by one,
or stops the power altogether if it required no roll.
Corruptio Aspect: Corrupt.
Primary Emotion: greed.
Bane: form of the demon:  Someone whom learns the art of corruption
can only be servent of the dark side, and you look it.  With each
dot of Corruptio Aspect Corrupt you gian, your body becomes more
and more like that of a demon.  This caries some advantages, claws
can be used to fight and almost all features improve your
intimidation rolls, however, it becomes very hard to get someone to
trust you when you have very real looking horns.  The effect of
each dot is described after the individual power it comes with.
*  Putrify: 1k
     Target food or water becomes unfit for consumption.  It causes
sickness if eaten.
     System:  No roll is required.  The food is almost instantly
     * Bane: sunlight's pain:  You are a creature of the night, or
of the buring hell, and the bright sun of day causes you great
discomfort.  You have plus one difficulty (max of ten) on all rolls
made during the day, plus two (also max of ten) in direct sunlight.
** Stench of Evil: 1k
     * Abiltiy: Etiquette (6)
     (enchant area)  Stench of Evil creates the foulist oder
     System:  The stench is proportional to your successes on an
appearnce + etiquette roll.  Any character getting a wiff must
score at least as many successes on a willpower roll as you
success, or suffer a minus one penalty to thier die pools for each
unmatched success.  Outdoors or in a well-ventilated building, the
success will be depleated at a rate of one per turn until there are
zero, at which time the stench ends.  Less well ventilated places
will take longer.
     * Bane: taint of corruption:   plants wither at your approach,
and die if you touch them.
*** Corrupt the Soul: 1k
     * Ability: Empathy (S)
     Corrupt the Soul destroys all that the good have worked for.
It's use is very painful for the victim.
     System:  If the target is a force of good, roll appearance +
occult, difficulty of targets willpower, successes are the number
of good karma destroyed.  Otherwise, one point is destroyed.
     * Bane: fangs/horns:  you grow a small pair of horns on your
head, and fangs appear in you mouth.  Together, they add one die to
normal intimidation rolls and subtract one from any attempt to
befriend or coerce (except by threats) a person who can see you.
The fangs allow for a strength +1 bite attack.
**** Dispair of the Heart: 2k
     * Ability: Expression (S)
     (enchant person)  The victim of this power becomes so
completeley and utterly depressed and self-doubting that they are
incapable of doinging any thing, except simple, unimportant tasks,
which they don't bother to resist.
     System:  Roll appearance + politics, difficulty of the
subjects willpower, and refer to the chart below.
duration of dispair, by successes
     1: one turn
     2: three turns
     3: larger of one minute or ten turns
     4: ten minutes
     5: until end of scene
     * Bane: presence:  Even when they can't see your horns of
fangs, people seem to react strangely twoards you, like a dark
presense has entered the room.  If there is anyone within about 20
yard of you, you have minus two dice to stealth rolls, and any
dealings with people that close to you gain plus one to
intimidations and minus one to social dealings.
***** Corrupt the Mind: 2k
     * Ability: Subterfuge (S)
     (enchant person)  Corrupt the Mind attempts to steal, alter or
remove a persons memories.   This is a somewhat lengthy process,
and requires steady eye contact, though once it has begun, they
will be unable to break your gaze..
     System:  Roll appearance + subterfuge, difficulty of targets
degree of alteration, by successes
     1: may cause memory loss for a day.
     2: you may remove, but not alter memories.
     3: you may alter some details of a memory.
     4: an entire scene may be reconstructed.
     5: you may reconstruct whole periods of the subjects life.
     * Bane: voice of corruption: You have a deep, throaty voice
that can only be described as evil.  You have plus one to
intimidate someone whom can hear you, and minus one make such a
person trust you in any way.
***** * Aura of Distrust/Paranoia: 2k
     * Ability: Alertness (S)
     (enchant person)  You can either make noone trust a person or
make a person trust noone.  A person distrusted will seem to exude
a certain type of invisible aura that makes people distrust them.
People may also mistake things the person says or does for other,
less trustworth things.  A paranoid person will have all thier
fears escalted to the point where it seems like they can trust
noone.  They too will sometimes mistake things said and done by
other people, often in the worst way possible.
     System:  In either case, roll appearance + alterness vs a
difficulty of the targets willpower.
     * Bane: eyes of infernal fire: Your eyes change from the
normal round iris to the a slited one, much like that of cat.  They
eyes will seem to glow with an inner, dark red fire, which will be
visible in the dark.  They also give you much improved night
vision.  If anyone can or has seen your eyes, you have plus one to
intimidate them, and minus one to make them trust you.
***** ** The Hand of Madness:
     The damage you inflict with brawl or melee attacks against
good aligned persons leaves painful, magical, burns that do not
easily heal, and are thus considered aggravated.
     System:  No addtionall roll is required.  If a person with
Purgatio Aspect Counter takes such damage after soak, they may roll
thier rank in that aspect, with each success reducing one wound to
     * Bane: claws:  Your hands grow large, grisly looking claws.
They give you +3 to brawl damage, but -1 to any task requirieng
digital coordination, such as typeing or writing.  The also grant
the standard +1 intimidation/-1 social if the person(s) in question
can see your hands.
***** *** Corrupt the Body: 3k
     * Ability: Medicine (7) (vs. stamina.)
     Physically deforms a target being.
     System:  Roll appearance + medicine, diff. 7, this roll is
'soaked', but with stamina only (exception: the bonus from Like a
Rock (Terra Aspect Survival) may apply.)  For each remaining
success, the victim take one health level, loses one point in a
physical attribute, and loses one point of appearance, stopping at
zero.  These effects are permanent until the causing health level
is healed, which requires magic or special physical therapy to do
properly.  As a result, these wound levels are considered
aggrivated due to the physical deformation involved.
     * Bane: tail:  You have a thin tail that comes to pointy end
(not pointy enough to use as a weapon.)  You have plus one on any
attempt to retain you balance and the standarad +1 intimidation/-1
social agaainst person(s) who can see it.
***** **** Ashes to Ashes: 5k
     * Ability: Intimidation (8) (vs willp. (6))
     Attempts to turn a living target into a pile of ashes.
     System:  Roll appearance + intimidation, diff. 8, opposed by
the victims willpower roll.  If you have more successes, the victim
is reduced to ash.
     * Bane: skin:  Your skin becomes black and rough.  Though
ugly, it has the benifits of plus one die to slealth in the dark
and plus one die to soak fire.  It carries the standard +1
intimidation/-1 social against anyone who can see you.
***** ***** Disention: Sk
     * Ability: Politics (S)
     Disention has the power to take any and all hate, distrust, or
almost any other negative feelings between two or more parties and
turn it into open aggression.
     System:  Make an appearance + politics roll, the difficulty
and the cost to activate depends on what type of aggresion you are
attempting to create.
cost to activate and difficulty of roll
     6: people
     7: organizations
     8: cities
     9: regions
     10: countries
effect of roll, by success
     1: minor bickering
     2: loud arguing, threats; troops deployed
     4: punches thrown; minor skirmishes
     4: open war, but not long lived
     5: a fight to the death; long war, possibly nuclear war
     * Bane: wings:  you grow large, bat-like wings which allow you
to fly.  The standard +1 intimidation/-1 social applies against
anyone who can see you.
Corruptio Aspect: Parasite.
Primary Emotion: envy.
Bane: dependance:  You feed off the lifeblood of other beings, but
with the ability to take comes the inability to create yourself.
You soon become dependent on others to provide the necessities for
your existance.  The exact point at which these dependancies become
prominant is mentioned within the text of the power at that level.
* Vampyr:
     When you gain this power, fangs grow in, allowing you to drink
a being's blood, which is just as nourishing as any normal food.
     System:  You can drink for one to two turns without seriously
harming you subject, (they lose one health level for each turn you
drink) five or more virtually guaranties thier death.  Each turn
you drink provides enough sustinance to go about one day without
eating normal food,  You cannot drink more than about ten days
worth of vitae ahead.  See Vampire: The Masquerade for more
detailed blood rules.  You may make a bite attack against a victim
for strength + 1 damage.  Having fangs also adds one to your
intimidation rolls if you show them, but subtracts one from most
social rolls.
** Weaken: 1k
     * Ability: Athletics (S)
     (enchant person)  You may temporarally deteriorate the
physical condition of you victim, making them an easier target.
     System:  Choose a physical attribute which will be reduced by
one if the roll is successfull, and make an appearance + athletics
roll, difficutly of the victim's willpower to determine duration in
     By this time, normal food has begun to lose it's taste, and
you thirst for blood, though food it is still fully satisfying.
*** Steal Mind: 1k
     * Ability: Investigation (S)
     When you bite a victim, you may also probe thier mind for
     System:  Make an appearance + investigation roll, difficulty
of the subjects willpower, with number of success determining the
aproximate detail of the information which may be recieved, from
very little at one to pretty much anything they know that you want
at five.
     By this point, blood is the only food you seek, you may still
eat 'normal' food to survive, but the taste is horrid and disgusts
you.  A willpower roll is required to keep it down.
**** Paralyze: 1k
     * Abililty: Medicine (S)
     You may temporaraly paralyze a person you have bitten, so long
as you maintian your bite.
     System:  Roll appearance + medicine against a difficulty of
thier willpower, each success is one turn you may hold them
motonless.  You may not suck anything from them the turn you cast
***** Drain Will:
     You may attempt you take your victims very will to strive and
gain it yourself.
     System:  When you bite someone, you may steal one of thier
temporary willpower points as your action instead of taking a gulp
of blood.  This causes no physical harm to them.
     You have become completely unable to live off regular food,
attempting makes you wretch, and you can draw no nourishment from
it anyway.
***** * Face of Deception: 3k
     * Ability: Performance (6)
     The life of a parasite is so hard, after you've drunk
someone's blood, they overreact and run away whenever you approach.
This power allows you to alter how others percieve you, looking
different from yourself, and maybe even like someone else in
     System:  Roll appearance + performance, the number of
successes determines how drastic the changes may be.
     At this point you begin to experince a form of amniesa, you
forget your childhood memories and other fond moments.  You are
also plauged with writers block and similar simptoms.  As a result,
you crave the memories you steal form others, and have +1
difficulty on all creative rolls; you may avoid this penalty by
using Steal Mind to take ideas from another.
degree of alteration allowed, by successes
     1: Minor changes, someone will miss you if they are not
looking for you.
     2: Even your friends won't recognize you at first.
     3: Significant change, even people you know well may be fooled
     4: You even appear to walk and move different.
     5: You may appear as someone of drasticly different weight and
hieght, even someone of the opposite sex.
***** ** Drain Soul:
     Your bite may now take from the very soul of a person.
     System:  Instead of taking a glup of blood or a willpower
point, you may take one point of karma during you action, this also
causes no damage
     You have become dependent on the will of others, and can no
longer regain temporary willpower points through your nature during
the course of a story.  It is assumed you can still feed up to full
in-between stories.
***** *** Hold: 1k
     * Ability: Leadership (S)
     (enchant person)  You no longer need to bite someone to keep
them immobile, with but a look they can be made to stand still.
     System:  They are held for one turn per success on a
leadership roll, difficulty of thier willpower.
     Your own will has become so weak that you lose one point of
temporary willpower approximatly every 24 hours, when you sleep if
you keep a regular schedule.
***** **** Drain Life:
     When you bite someone, you may suck thier phyical well-being
away and repair your own body.
     System:  During an action where you have a bite on someone,
you may take one health level instead of something else.
     This power could scarcely arrive sooner, your body has
degraded to the point where it takes you twice as long to heal your
health levels normally.
***** ***** Vodoo Doll: 5k
     * Abiliy: Occult (6)
     (enchant person)  By spending five points of positive karma,
you make make a victim you have a bite on your 'vodoo doll'
     System:  Whenever you take damage, you may make an appearance
+ occult roll before attempting to soak, each success redirects one
point of damage to your doll, who may then attempt to soak the
damage.  You may only have one doll at a time; the enchantment ends
in 24 hours or when they go below incapacitated.
     Your body has become so frail that you may not even regain
health levels through the passage of time, you must use magical
healing or take them from someone else.