Making a Chosen.
     The Chosen use the standard supernatural creature starting

stats except for starting willpower of one, and freebie points of 21, reprinted on the sheet in case you've forgotten. Freebie point spending uses a modified version of the standards. freebie points

Attributes          5 points per dot
Abilities           2 points per dot
Willpower           2 points per dot
Backgrounds         1 point per dot
+1 positive karma   1 point per box
-1 negative karma 1 point per box

A character will typically start with ten negative karma. The amount of positive karma one starts with will vary depending on the type of campaign being run. If the players start with no powers, they should start with 30-50, probably depending on if you have experienced players (who will do good deeds from the onset and need to be given less to start) or inexperienced, who may not grasp the necessity of niceness at first. If they may start with powers, up 100 may be used, with the players buying any powers out of this amount at the normal cost.
Almost Comprehensive karma cost table.

Path of the Beast -- varies, see full description
Path of Greatness
     Attributes               x4
     Abilities                3/x2
Karma Knowledge          1 point per dot
Path of Chaos            1 point per spin
Artifacts                4 points per dot
Wealth                   1 point per dot
     Aid                      5/x3
     Balance                  3/x2
     Channeling               2/x1
     Common                   5/x3
     Concentration            9/x6
     Exertion                 3/x2
     Haste                    10/x7
     Hinder                   5/x3
     Patience                 7/x4
     (school) Aspect Emotion  7/x1
     everything else          7/x4