School Caelum (Air).
* Attribute: Dexterity.
* Primary emotions: fickle, capricious, flighty, and joking.
     A jokester, prankster, master of the winds, a tease who's
bite is worse than it's bark.  Fear the jester whom hovers before
you, if he is really there -- or behind you, invisible -- whom
commands the clouds and calls forth the wind, rain, and thunder
to do his bidding, graceful yet deadly.
     Caelum elementals are not visible, but detectible only by
any leaves, dust, etc. that their swirling winds happen to pick
* Special power: Insubstantial: You may Disperse at any time and
at no cost.
Caelum Aspect: Emotion.
Primary Emotion: shyness.
Bane: susceptibility:  You are affected at all times as if you
had cast a shyness Timid upon youself.
* Timid: 1k
     (enchant person(s))  Instill in target being any of Caelum's
emotions, be it shyness or frivolity.  You may target more than
one person in a single action, up to one per dot in Caelum Aspect
     System:  They lose two dots of willpower (to a minium of
one) until the end of the scene, unless they succeed in a
willpower roll, scoring more successes then your rank in Aqua
Aspect Emotion (or until the willpower point is spent to cancel
Caelum Aspect: Enhance. 5/x3
Primary Emotion: flighty.
Bane: show off:  Your dexterity is legendary - and if people
don't realize that they need to be shown.  You will rarley pass
up an opportunity to show off your ablity, usually in the most
playfull manner possible, such as juggling, esp. dangerous things
like knives.  This will rarly pose a major obstical, but if you
have a pressing need to avoid this, you must score at least as
many successes in a willpower roll as your rank in Caelum Aspect
Enhance to resist the urge.
* Quickness of the Winds: 1k
     (enchant self)  Quickness of the Winds greatly enhances your
motor control and speed.
     System:  You gain a number of dexterity equal to your rating
in Caelum Aspect Enhance until the end of the scene.  May not be
used while in effect.
Caelum Aspect: Counter.
Primary Emotion: cowardice.
Bane: indifference:  Since all Terra spells cast against you are
resisted, it makes it harder to benifit from helpfull Terra
* Erode: (1k)
     Any Terra power which targets you is automaticly resisted.
You may also take an action and spend a point of positive karma
to attempt such a resistance against any Terra spell.  The source
of this counter-magic will be obvious.
     System:  Roll a number of dice equal to your rank in Caelum
Aspect Counter.  Each success reduces the casters success by one,
or stops the power altogether if it required no roll.
Caelum Aspect: Elemental.
Primary Emotion: fickle.
Bane: reoccuring amnesia:  You have a tendancey to forget things
-- names, dates, things you did last week or earlier in the day.
To remember events or things you found out (one possible
guideline is anything not represented on your character sheet,
but that is an ify guideline at best) you must make a wits +
engimas roll, at minus one die per dot of Caelum Aspect Elemental
that you posses.  Absolutly essential information may be recalled
by spending a temporay willpower point.
* Breeze: 1k
     You may change the direction, and strength to some extent,
of a breeze.  Useful for hunting and tracking.
     System:  No roll is required.  The change may take a few
minutes depending on how drastically it differs from the existing
** Float: 1k
     (enchant person (one form only))  If you are falling, you
may activate this power without an action to float slowly down,
receiving no damage as a result of the fall when you land.  You
may alternately spend an action to enchant a person, the next
time they fall more than five feet, Float 'kicks in' and they
survive unscathed.       System:  No roll is required.  Someone
floating may land on their feet if they make a successful dex +
athletics check.
*** Speed of the Wind: 1k
     You may run at twice your normal running speed.  Once the
karma has beens spent to activate it, you may continue running at
this speed until you come to a halt.
     System:  No roll is required.  This power only affects the
distance you can cover and how fast you may cover it, you recieve
no extra actions from this power.  In fact, due to the speed of
your movement, it is impossible to effectivly split your die pool
for multiple actions.
**** Flight: 1k
     * Ability: Mythlore (6)
     (enchant person)  Target being may fly for a limited amount
of time.
     System:  The target may fly for a number of minutes based on
your successes in an dexterity + athletics roll.  Additional
castings add into the total success for max time.  If the total
success go above five, add 30 minutes per extra success.
minutes of flight by successes
     1: 1 minute
     2: 3 minutes
     3: 7 minutes
     4: 15 minutes
     5: 30 minutes
***** Gust: 1k
     * Ability: Brawl (4)(vs.str+athletics (6))
     A powerful gust of wind bellows forth from you hand,
striking any and all persons whom happen to be standing in the
     System:  Make a dexterity + brawl roll, diff. 4, to decide
it's strength.  A person struck (a dodge may be attepted if they
are able) makes a strength + athletics roll to remain standing,
with each success reducing your successes by one.  If any success
remain, they fall and must attempt to soak one damage per
remaining success, for the fall.
***** * Whirlwind: 3k
     * Ability: Drive (7)
     A swirling vortex of air forms and begins throwing everthing
     System:  When the tornado is formed, make a dexterity +
drive roll, any time something is picked up and thrown, it takes
a number of damage equal to your number of success from the fall.
You may maintain the tornado for only 1k per turn.
***** ** Lightning Spear: 2k
     * Ability: Melee (6)
     (enchantment)  Upon casting this spell (provided there are
storm clouds overhead,) A straight bolt of lightning stikes the
ground within arms reach of you and a length about your hieght
remains there.  Thereafter, until the bolt is dismissed or
thrown, it is as solid as any piece of metal, and you may reach
out and grasp it.
     System:  When you cast the spell make a dexterity + melee
roll.  The number of successes is the number of dice of damage
any being other then youself takes if they contact the the spear,
resulting in an effective damage rating of strength + (number of
successes.)  If the spear is thrown, it does an amount of damage
equal to twice the number of sucesses, but becomes non-solid in
the process and is lost.  Difficulty of a staff is 4 for melee,
throwing requires the skill throwing, use standard difficulty (of
***** *** Windstorm: 3k
     * Ability: Expression (4)
     Violent winds roar through an area about 50' wide, in a
direction of your choice.
     System:  No roll is required.  This has the effect of a Gust
cast against all things within the area of effect, except
dexterity + expression is rolled instead of crafts.
***** **** Weather Control: 1k
     (* Ability: Firearms (9))
     You may evoke a change in the weather.  This change is not
instantaneous, but will  happen as soon as possible.
     System:  Most effects require no roll.  If appropriate
thunderheads are around, you may call lightning.  Roll dexterity
+ firearms (diff. 9) to hit, if the roll is successful, roll 10
damage dice.
***** ***** Disperse: 2k
     You may turn into air itself and dispers youself, providing
no target for physical or magical attacks and allowing you
entrance into any place that is not air-tight.  You may reform at
any time, which takes one action also.
     System:  No roll is required, but the transformation
requires one full turn to complete.
Caelum Aspect: Jester.
Primary Emotion: confusion.
Bane: lies, lies, lies: While truth is sometimes stranger than
fiction, you find lack of truth far more amusing.  You are a
compulsive lier, you may make simple statements of fact or things
which are obvious lies (ie, refering to female as he, unless are
trying to convince people otherwise), things such as hello, or
DUCK!.  Telling someone things such as your name, or what you did
today (or any other story for that matter) is however impossible.
unless you succeed in a willpower roll, scoreing at least as many
successes as your rank in Caelum Aspect Jester.
* Tease: 1k
     * Ability: Intimidation (S)
     (enchant person)  Accompanied by an insult or taunt, this
power causes a person to become quite distracted in their anger.
     System:  Roll your intimidation (or a taunting ability if
you have it) (the storyteller is encouraged to award bonuses for
truly amusing insults), difficulty of the targetrs willpower, if
you succeed by at least two, they become quite mad and drop
whatever  they are doing (unless it is a life threatening
situation, etc.) and come after you.
** Cantrip: 1k
     * Ability: Leadership (S)
     Speaking a one word command, which may be worked into a
statement, you may attempt to make the subject obey.
     System:  Make a dexterity + leadership roll, difficulty of
the targets willpower.  If you have a net success, the command
must be obeyed.
*** Fool: 1k
     * Ability: Subterfuge (6) (vs.     wits+enigmas (S))
     (enchant person)  You may create an illusion of anything you
desire, or make something disappear by creating an illusion of
what's behind it.
     System:  Roll your dexterity + expression for a number of
success.  The targeted being may make a wits + enigmas roll to
find flaws in you illusion, if they score as many success as you,
they are not fooled, if they score more, they also realize that
someone tried to fool them.  The difficulty of this roll is based
on how believable the illusion is.  It is made the first time
they witness it, and, if failed, at any other time thereafter
that they have reason to doubt the illusion.
suggested disbelief difficulty
     3: Unbelievable: Aliens from space, or something
appeared/disappeared in their plain sight.
     5: Real, but unlikely: A movie star walks down the street
(except in Hollywood).
     7: Sure, why not: A person or thing which might be here.
(movie star in Hollywood)
     9: Completely plausible: A person or thing which should be
here (mailman in post office).
     10: No reason to doubt: An invisible person or thing doing
nothing to interact with the environment.
**** Boost: 1k
     * Ability: Athletics (6)
     Boost launshes you forward in a single direction with great
force, allowing you to jump long distances or reach great heights
(Float comes highly recommened), traversing the entire distance
in the speace of a single turn.  Make an dexterity + athletics
roll, with the successes deteriming how strong of a boost you
Strength of boost, by successes gained
     1: 5' up or 15' across
     2: one story up or 30' across
     3: two stories up or 60' across
     4: five stories up or 150' across
     5: ten stories up or 300' across
***** Doorway: 1k
     * Ability: Security (6)
     Doorway opens up a temporary portal through a normally solid
object.  The doorway is large enough so that the caster may walk
through easily.
     System:  The doorway lasts for a number of turns equal to
you success on a dexterity + security roll.
***** * Hyena: 1k
     * Ability: Empathy (6)
     (enchant person)  By making a magicly enforced joke or funny
action, you may cause a victim to be overcome with hysterical
     System:  Make an dexterity + empathy roll (the storyteller
is encouraged to award bonuses for jokes which are actually
humorus as opposed to just satisifying the requirements of the
spell.)  Immediatly and at the begging of each turn, the target
must roll willpower, attempting to score at least as many
successes as you.  For each success not matched, they suffer a
minus one to all rolls that turn.  The enchantment lasts for one
***** ** Illusion: 2k
     * Ability: Performance (6) (vs. wits+ enigmas (6))
     (enchantment)  This power works exactly like Fool, except
that dexterity + performance is rolled instead of expression, and
rather then targeting the senses of one person, you create an
illusion which many people may see.  Any being witnessing the
illusion you create may make a wits + enigmas roll to disbelieve
***** *** Teleport: 2k
     * Ability: Etiquette (8)
     You must know your destination to attempt this power, or the
place of arrival will be unpredictable.
     System:  Make a dexterity + etiquette roll, diff. 8, to
determine success or failure.  Failure indicates that nothing
happened.  A botch indicates a result simmilar to Chaos Transport
(Ignis Aspect Chaos.)
***** **** Shapeshift: 1k
     You take on the form of any real animal of your choice,
taking on all of thier abilities, and all of thier disadvantages.
     System:  No roll is required.  You may still use your powers
while transformed, but things such as Hyena or Tease are
impossible if you cannot speak, and other spells may have
simmilar requirements.  Note  that this power does not count as
an enchantment, as a result of this, you must re-activate it to
return to your normal form.  This power may be used to cause
changes in you human appearance, but may not make you look like
someone else (Illusion does that just fine.)
***** ***** Gate: 2k
     * Ability: Crafts (6)
     You may open a magical gateway to any other place you are
familiar with, or the place occupied by a person (including
yourself) or thing you are familar with.  Anything which may fit
through the gateway, which is large enough for you to walk
through easily, may then go through it arriving at the
     System:  Make a dexterity + crafts roll to determine the
number of turns the gate remains open.