Arts are special abilities the Chosen may use.  Upon stepping
into the 'z' the signs of the Arts appear around the character,
hovering above it in space in a circle.  Touching an sign grants
the player level one of the art, or advances an Art one rank.  The
cost for each Art varies and is listed with the title in the format
A/xB, A is the cost to gain the first dot, every dot thereafter
costs current rank times B.

Art of Balance. 3/x2
     For each dot you possess in Balance, you may, at the beginning
of every round, move any dot in an attribute to another attribute
in the same category (physical, mental, social) until the end of
the round.  This may not cause any attribute to go below one or
above you normal trait max.

Art of Haste. 10/x7
     For each dot you  possess in Haste, you may choose to take one
extra action.  For each action that you take in this manner, you
have one less die on all of your rolls this round.  This penalty
may never be reduced.

Art of Patience. 7/x4
     You may focus up to one round (or an equivalent amount of time
to what the roll will represent) per dot you possess in Patience,
adding one die to the roll of your choice on the first round
afterwards.  For example, if you focused for three turns on an
attack action, you could add two dice to your to hit roll, and one
to your strength roll on one hit.

Art of Concentration. 9/x6
     For each dot you possess in Concentration, you may, at the
beginning of every turn, add one dot to any attribute or ability
(you must possess the ability already) for the remainder of the
round.  This may not allow a trait to go above your normal trait

Art of Exertion. 3/x2
     For each dot you possess in Exertion, you may spend up one
extra willpower to gain an auto success on roll.  When you exert
yourself, the merit 'Self Confidence' has no effect.

Art of Channeling. 2/x1
     For each dot you possess in Channeling, you may cause one
health level of damage to yourself to gain one auto success on a
roll, the wound penalties gained in the process do not effect that

Art of Common. 5/x3
     With this Art you may transfer resources between yourself and
others to maximize their effect.  Physical contact is always
required and the other person must be willing, unless otherwise
     * You may transfer memories between yourself  and another.
The memories are not moved, but copied.
     ** You may transfer karma between yourself and another.
     *** You may transfer willpower between yourself and another.
     **** You may transfer health levels between yourself and
     ***** You may temporarily transfer an attribute point between
yourself and another willing subject.  This transfer may last or up
to a day.
     ***** * You may attempt to perform a transfer on an unwilling
subject.  Roll your willpower, diff. 7, opposed by their willpower,
diff 6.  The net success in your favor is the number of units which
may be transferred.
     ***** ** You may make a transfer on any willing subject within
     ***** *** You may attempt an unwilling transfer on any subject
within sight.  The roll is the same as above.
     ***** **** You may make a transfer with any willing subject
anywhere.  You must of course have some familiarity with the
subject to form a mental image of them.
     ***** ***** You may attempt a transfer on any unwilling
subject anywhere.  You may focus on an individual you know or
attempt to steal from a random person.

Art of Aid. 5/x3
     Aid allows you to help another succeed.  For each dot you
possess in Aid, you may add a die from you pool to theirs.  The
amount of dice added may not be greater than your total dice for
the same action.  If you are attempting to perform an action on the
same turn, it counts as a split action, with the pool being Aided
being taken into consideration for the smallest pool.  You are at
minus one die for each die by which you have Aided them if you do
such.  Thus if someone was attempting to rally a crowd with
charisma+ leadership, and you have four in Aid, you may add four
dice to their roll.  If your charisma+ leadership was only three,
you could only add three to their roll.

Art of Hinder. 5/x3
     This Art works similar to Aid, except that it subtracts that
number of dice from the subjects pool.  It can also be used in
reaction, for instance Hindering an attack roll instead of a dodge.