The Way of Artifacts.
     The orb to the right appears made of some manner of stone or
metal, and is ornately carved with runes.  It gives a feeling of
ancient power which demands respect.
     Touching this orb, the storyteller should inquire as to what
the characters feelings, wishes and desires are.  If they do not
specify a particular type of artifact or a desired effect, an
attempt should be made to work with any other indications, but at
this point it is somewhat arbitrary.  The cost of an artifact is
four times the rating of the desired artifact.
     X: this sign indicates a variable rank (number of dots.)  It
may be any value appropriate, with the effect of each dot used in
place of the X specified in the artifacts description.
     Weapons use notation: x/+y.  Difficulty x to use, str+y
Normal Melee Weapons Table
Sap            4/+0
Club           4/+1
Knife          4/+1
Katana         5/+2
Foil           5/+3
Saber          6/+4
Broadsword     6/+5
     Armor notation: x/+y/+z.  Adds y soak dice and has a dex
penalty of +z to the difficulty of any body movement roll.  x is
the class of the armor, on the table below, which includes the base
ratings for normal armor of that type.
Normal Armor
1/+1/+0: reinforced clothing.
2/+2/+0: armor T-shirt, leather tunic.
3/+3/+1: vest, hardened leather.
4/+4/+1: flack jacket, chain mail.
5/+6/+2: full suit, plate mail.
X Generic Weapon:
     Using a normal weapon as a base, assign a minus one to the
difficulty or an additional +1 to damage for each dot of X.
X Generic Armor:
     For each dot in X, either move the armor up one class, which
starts at zero, up one rank, or, if you are createing armor over
five dots,  add one to the soak bonus.
X Generic Enhancer.
     A specified attribute or ability gains +X while in use,
abilities gain +3 for every two dots, instead of +2.
X Living Armor:
     On Command, this suit of living armor will wrap itself around
it's user, at that time conferring it's benefits.  Living Armor
regenerates it's own wounds given time.  When creating it, the
total dots of powers below should equal X, any power below may be
taken more than once, but this is redundant for some.
     * Enhance: +1 to a physical attribute.
     * Eyes: If the character's alertness is less than five, it is
treated as five, otherwise it gains +1.
     ** Hyper-Swords: The armor has swords on it's elbows which do
str+3 damage, dex+brawl to hit.  Repeated takings of this feature
add +3 damage.
     ** Chitinous Hide: The armor provides exceptionally
protection, adding +3 to your soak roll for each taking of this
     ** Spiked Hide: Any brawl attack against you which succeeds by
only one success causes the person to take their own strength in
damage, in addition to damaging you.  Each repeated taking of this
feature increases the number of successes by one which someone must
hit you with to avoid taking damage.
     ** Small laser: a small laser appears in your forehead, or on
a wrist, etc..  Roll dex+body lasers (a special talent, dex+ one
half of firearms, rounded up, may be used instead of this skill.)
It does four dice of damage if the hit is successful.  You may only
activate such a laser once each round, (unless you are using Tempus
or simmilar time warping powers to get your extra actions) but you
may take multiples of this power to allow you consecutive shots on
extra actions.
     *** Gravity Control: A small metal orb at your waist gives you
the ability to fly at will.
     ***** Gravity Cannon: By spending one round charging, you may
make a dex+body lasers roll the next round to fire a powerful
gravity cannon.  It does eight dice of damage if the hit is
     ***** Regeneration: The armor regenerates you at a rate of one
health level per hour, as long as some part of it or you remains.
     10* Hyper Blaster:  (ten dot item) By dislodging and opening
up the armor's chest plates, you reveal two large lasers.  You must
spend one round opening and one round charging to fire on the
third.  This releases a huge swath of destruction, with both a wide
width (which does not increase appreciably with distance), and long
range stretching off into the distance, doing 30 dice of damage to
anything that it hits.  It may be avoided by succeeding in a dodge
roll at diff. 9, or by getting out of the way when one see the
chest open.
X Temporal Hourglass:
     When turned upside down from it's original state, the world
around the bearer speed rapidly by, at a rate of X+1 rounds to the
holders one.  When turned back the other way, the holder
experiences X+1 rounds to everyone else's one.  X is recommended to
be only one in most cases.
* Firesand:
     A small bag of sand.  This sand has an incredible amount of
friction, and feels extremely hot when it rolls or is rubbed.  May
cause damage.
* Valor Sword:
     a 6/+5 broadsword.  It gains one level and a minus one to
difficulty each time it's owner proves extraordinary valor.  It
loses one of these levels (and it's associated bonus) each time
it's wielder shows cowardice.
* Pendant of the Erie Eye:
     A small, round, pendant, made out of stone but looking
unnervingly like a real eyeball.  The wearer gains a supernatural
sense of approaching danger, at the responsibility of the
storyteller to provide.
* Crown of Transgression:
     A golden crown with a single emerald in it.  Upon close
inpection, an hourglass is inscribed on the back of the gem.  The
wearer experiences time as if under the effect of a level five
Transgress, (see Tempus Aspect Warp) they age at a rate 10,000
times less than normal.
* Astral Clothing:
     This pile of cloth, upon aquisition, takes on whatever shape
and coloration the owner desires.  It heals all damge to it
automatically, except for magical attacks targeted against it.  It
is completely fire and stain resistant, although it offers
absolutly no protection of any sort to it's owner, expcet against
the heat or cold of the climate.  Unlike normal clothing, Astral
Clothing remains with you whenever you undergo any form of
transformation, thus allowing you to stay decent at all times.
* Ring of Chaos:
     The wearer of the Ring of Choas is affected with the bane of
Ignis Aspect Chaos at three levels higher than they posses it,  at
level three if they did not have Ignis Aspect Choas at all before.
They may also activate the level one power, Chaos Surge, as if they
had it.
*X Sword of the Tides:
     A [6-A]/+[4+(X-A)] sword, with A set a the beginning of each
of your turns to a number between 0 and X.  It has a small spade
inscribed on it.
*X Great Defender:
     A 6/+4 sword with -X difficulty to all parry rolls.
** Amulet of the Knowing Eye:
     A small, flat gold amulet carved in with a simplified likeness
on an eye on one side.  The wearer has greatly heightened senses,
resulting in -2 difficulty to perception rolls.
** Lenses of Clarity:
     A pair of eyeglasses which give the wearer perfect eyesight
and the ability to see through all manner of illusions.
** Cloak of Invisibility:
     Makes the wearer invisible when the cloak is tightly wrapped
around them.  Any action which protrudes from the cloak cancels the
effect.  May be detected on per+alertness, diff. 9
*** Charm of Summoning:
     This small, neck warn pendant take whatever form the owner
desires.  If given into the keeping of another person, that person
need only speak the owners name and wish upon the charm to bring
that person their immediately.  The summons must be obeyed, but the
summoned person may delay it a few minutes to take care of
'compromising situations.'
*** Forge Sword:
     This is a hollow 6/+4 broadsword.  On careful examination, one
notices a small plug near the base of the blade, which opens up the
hollow interior.  If the sword if filled with firesand (one dot
artifact, see above), it gains +5 to damage from the intense heat
created by moving it around.  A single grain of the sand may fall
out when opened the first time as a clue.  It has a small heart
inscribed on it.  Knowledge of how to combine the two parts should
only be gained through role playing.
*** Sword of the Four Winds:
     A 5/+2 katana with a small club inscribed on it.  If the
wielder makes only attack actions during their turn, they gain an
extra action, which may only be used to attack.
*** Mask of Falsehoods:
     The wearer of this mask may appear as any other person to the
eyes and ears.  They will even appear to have different body
dimensions, but this change will not be apparent to the touch.  The
person being copied must be known in some way.
*** Staff of flame:
     A long, ornately carved staff with a ruby orb at the end, and
a heart carved in the bottom.  The bearer may cast any Ignis Aspect
Elemental effect at the additional cost of one positive karma per
level of the power being used.
*** Cane of Tides:
     Made from a gnarled old piece of driftwood, this cane has an
spade inscribed on it.  The bearer may cast any Aqua Aspect
Elemental effect at the additional cost of one karma per level of
the power being used.
*** Branch of Many Stones:
     A long branch almost untouched except for a series of small
stones inset into it, and a diamond inscribed.  The bearer may cast
any Terra Aspect Elemental effect at the additional cost of one
karma per level of the power being used.
*** Wand of Wind:
     A simple looking magicians wand with an club inscribed in the
base.  The bearer may cast any Caelum Aspect Elemental effect at
the additional cost of one karma per level of the power being used.
**** Ring of Invisibility:
     An improvement over the Cloak of Invisibility, this ring never
has it's protection compromised by how tightly it is grasped.
**** Pendant of the Void:
     This gold pendant is shaped like a flat disk.  The back is
smooth and solid.  In the mirror-like front, however, one sees a
swirling vortex going off into an extra-dimensional void.  Any
magic effect cast in the presense of the pendant is automaticly
opposed by a five die Counter-Magic, (Aqua Aspect Mind)  as is any
enchantment as it enters the pendant's presense.
***** Tome of Incantations:
     The holder of this powerful tome may enact a ritual to use any
power from the nine schools of magic at an increased cost.  They
must spend one round per level of the ritual chanting and such,
expending one point of positive karma for each round spent doing
this.  When this is complete they may activate the power as if they
had it themselves as long as they remain concentration.  performing
any other action not related the spell breaks their concentration.
***** The Book of the Dead:
     Any character opening this book loses on point of positive
karma and becomes infused with a random soul from an Armageddon
past.  These souls are those of the Fallen, who betrayed their
cause and joined the other side, and thus may not rest until they
have assisted their true cause.  The character changes to all
traits of the soul, except willpower, health, and karma.  Pre-made
character sheets are the easiest way of doing this.  The spirit
leaves in a day or when dismissed at will.
***** Thunder Sword:
     A large 6/+5 broadsword with a small diamond inscribed upon
it.  If driven into the ground, all foes of the wielder are knocked
to the ground.
***** Sword of Etherial Darkness:
     A 6/0 sword made of pure shadow.  It has no effect on normal
things, but it does ten dice of damage to good aligned things
***** Sword of Shining Light:
     A 6/0 sword made of pure light.  It has no effect on normal
things, but it does ten dice of damage to good aligned things.