School Aqua (Water).
* Attribute: Manipulations.
* Primary emotions: peace, tranquility.
     The calm and tranquil seas provide mostly protective powers,
but their tides may shift quickly, roaring to destruction.  Aqua
is also the master of the calm, calculating mind, and powers that
allow for mind over matter.
     Aqua elementals are pools of water which may reshape
themselves in any form they wish.
* Special power: Flow: You are treated as if you had Joined with
a body water, though none is nessasary for your survival.
Aqua Aspect: Emotion.
Primary Emotion: peace.
Bane: susceptibility:  You are affected as per calm at all times.
Treat exactly as if you had cast it upon youself.
* Calm: 1k
     (enchant peron(s))  Target being is washed over with
feelings of peace and tranquility.  You may target more than one
person in a single action, up to one per dot in Aqua Aspect
     System: They must make a willpower roll, attempting to score
at least as many success as your rank in Aqua Aspect: Emotion (or
spend the willpower point to cancel Calm) to engage in aggressive
or passionate activities.
Aqua Aspect: Enhance.
Primary Emotion: command.
Bane: drive:  Any time you leave a meaningfull conversation with
someone without manipulating them in some way, you must roll one
die per level of Aqua Aspect Enhance you posses.  Each success is
one point of temporary willpower that you lose.
* Voice of the Sirens: 1k
     (enchant self)  Sharpens your ability to make others do as
you wish them to.
     System:  You gain a number of manipulations equal to your
highest ranked Aqua power for the duration of the scene.  May not
be used while in effect.
Aqua Aspect: Counter.
Primary Emotion: self-control.
Bane: indifference:  Since any Ignis spell cast against you is
resisted, it makes it harder to benifit from Ignis effects.
* Quench: (1k)
     Any Ignis power which targets you is automaticly resisted by
this power.  You may also take an action and spend a point of
positive karma to attempt such a resistance against any Ignis
spell.  The source of this counter-magic will be obvious.
     System:  Roll a number of dice equal to your rank in Aqua
Aspecct Counter.  Each success reduces the casters success by
one, or stops the power altogether if it required no roll.
Aqua Aspect: Elemental.
Primary Emotion: tranquility.
Bane: tidal influence:  You are extreamly affected by the
changing tides, to the extent that changes manifest in you body.
For each dot you posses in Aqua Aspect Elemental, you must choose
one attribute, or perminent willpower, when you gain the dot, and
designate this trait as influenced.  This attribute will recive a
plus one (which may go above your normal trait max) during 'high
tide', and a minus one (which may go to zero but not below;
chosing one dot attributes for influce is not recommened) during
'low tide.'  A high tide occurs about once every 12 hours, 25
minutes, but during the space of a story or even chronicle , this
can be rouned to 12 hours for simplicity, though it does cause
about one hour deviation per day, which would not be too hard to
handle.  The modifiers are in effect for one hour before, after
and including the hour during which the moment of  high or low
tide occurs.  Modification does not occur instantly, thus,
whenever influlenced character(s) enter a scene, the modifiers
should become set for the remainder of the scene (excluding
exceptionally long scenes.)  Sample 12 hour tides are shown

Time of day (AM and PM)
12   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11
+1  +1   +1              -1  -1  -1
Modifier to influenced traits.

* Purify Water: 1k
     * Ability: Survival++ (6)
     You may remove impurities from water, or even turn other
liquids into water in a limited fashion.
     System:  Begin making an extended manipulation + survival
roll with the difficulty based on the substance(s) being removed.
The number of success required is the number of gallons to be
Suggested difficulties:
     3: Kool-Aid(tm), or dirty water.
     5: poisoned drink or acid solution.
     7: non-water, non oil based liquid.
     9: oil based liquid
     10: oil.
** Call Rain: 1k
     This sets in motion the forces nessary to bring rain clouds
to the area you occupy and have them drop thier load on the land.
It may take a day or two, but it will rain in the near future.
     System:  No roll is required, once the karma is spent the
power is set in motion.
*** Breath Water: 1k
     (enchant person)  Target being may breath water as if it
were air.  The enchantment lasts until air fills the person's
lungs again, after they have been filled with water.
     System:  Activation of the power is automatic and no roll is
required, however, a willpower roll is required to take water
into one's lungs if inexperienced.
**** Create Water: 1k
     * Ability: Crafts (S)
     This effect doesn't actually create water, but condenses it
from the surrounding air, thus the difficulty is based on the
     System:  Generates a number of gallons equal to your
successes on a manipulation + crafts roll, wherever the caster
wishes within sight.  The difficulty of this roll ranges from 3
at the shore to 10 in dessert.  Each die is automatically
successfull in rain.
***** Control Water: (1k)
     * Ability: Leadership (6)
     Water flows at your command, even defying gravity as long as
a sufficient support column is maintained.
     System:  You may control a number of gallons equal to the
number of successes on a manipulation + leadership roll.  You
retain control of these gallons as long as you maintain
concentration and do not re-attempt this power.  If you hurl the
water at someone, you may spend a point of karma to have it do a
number of damage equal to your success on a manipulations roll.
Make another maipulation + leadership roll to hit.  The 1 karma
may be spent at any time after you have control.  If you attempt
to drown a person, you must consistently score more success on a
manipulation + leadership roll than their dodge, if you can keep
their mouth and nose covered for the entire time required for the
person to drown, then they die as a result (see a sourcebook for
complete drowning rules.)
***** * Mothers Touch: 1k
     * Ability: Medicine (5)
     The subject is completely submerged in water in this ritual.
This power may only attempted once on a particular set of wounds.
     System: The subject regains a number of non-aggravated
health levels equal to the number of successes scored on a
manipulation + medicine roll, diff. 5.  Every success over four
may heal an aggravated wound.
***** ** Vortex: 5k
     * Ability: Expression (7)
     You may turn any body of water within sight into a large
(but no larger than the body of water) swiling vortex of doom.
Any thing in the area of effect of the vortex may be drawn in and
taken under the surface.
     System:  Make an maipulation + expression roll, diff. 7 to
determine the size and strength of the vortex.  It remains as
long as you maintain concentration.  The radius of a vortex is
about the length of the largest thing it can drown.
size and strength of vortex, by success
     1: a small swirl, a person who knows how to swim can escape
without much difficulty.
     2: a small vortex: a swimmer will be be caught but not
sucked under.
     3: a medium vortex: multiple swimmers or small rafts may be
ensared by the vortex and brought under.
     4: a large vortex: small boats may be caputred and sucked
under, medium sized ones may become stuck, but not submerged.
     5: a huge vortex: medium sized ships are drawn in and
submerged or capsized, even large ships are held by the swirling
***** *** Density Control: 1k
     * Ability: Science (6)
     You have absolute control over the wieght density of water,
and can therefore control what floats and sinks in it with great
ease.  This effects at most a 25' radius.
     System:  Roll manipulation + science, diff. 6, dramatic
alteration of the density requires a greater number of success.
***** **** Tsunami: 5k
     * Ability: Performance (S)
     A huge tidal wave sweeps up cutting a swath of destruction.
     System:  A manipulation + performance roll is made, with the
number of successes being the damage assigned to every thing hit
by it, including the caster if he ends up in the way.  The wave
will hit in three rounds.  The difficulty of this roll is 5 near
large bodies of water, 7-10 elsewhere, depending on humidity.
***** ***** Join: 1k
     * Ability: Mythlore (8)
     Diving into a body of water (diving is not nessasary, but
being in a body of water is,) you turn yourself into water
itself, free to flow throught the seas or form it about in a
manner simmilar to Control Water.
     System:  Make a manipulation + mythlore roll, diff. 8, if
you succed you may enter your new form, returning at will.
Aqua Aspect: Mind.
Primary Emotion: discipline.
Bane: magic susceptiblity:  Opening the mind and embracing the
powers of magic can lead to great power, and to great danger.
Any magic spell which targets you has it's die pool (if any)
increased by one per dot of Aqua Aspect Mind you posses.   This
leads to most spells having far greater effects on you, both
helpfull and harmfull.
* Supersense: (1k)
     (* Ability: Alertness (4))
     Your mind has begun to open, but it still functions primary
throught the normal senses.. Additionally, you have a limited
form of emotion perception which allows you to pick up hostile
thoughts around you, thus allowing you a limited form of danger
sense.  This power is always in effect.
     System:  You may replace almost any normal perception baised
roll with a manipulation + alertness roll at diff. 4 by spending
one point of positive karma
** Mindspeak: (1k)
     You may send thoughts to any person within sight.  If you
spend one positive karma when you initiate such a conversation, a
person without Mindspeak may respond to you.
     System:  No roll is required, the sending is automatic but
requires your complete concentration to perform.
*** Read: 1k
     * Ability: Empathy (S)
     You may attempt to read the surface thoughts of another.
     System:  Make a manipulation + empathy roll, difficulty of
the subjects willpower.  The number of success roughly determines
the detail of the information which may be obtained.
**** Counter-Magic: 1k
     * Ability: Occult (8)
     You may attempt to prevent the successful use of any magic,
or dispel an enchantment.  The source of the Counter-Magic will
be obvious.
     System:  Roll your manipulation + occult, diff. 8, with each
success reducing the successes of the caster, or altogether
stopping the spell if no roll was required.
***** Telekinesis: 1k
     * Ability: Intimidation (6)
     The targeted object may defy gravity as long as the caster
retains concentration.
     System:  The approximate maximum weight of this object is
determined by your successes on a manipulation + intimidation
max levitation weight by successes
     1: 100 lbs
     2: 300 lbs
     3: 700 lbs
     4: 1,500 lbs
     5: 3,000 lbs
***** * Mind Probe: 1k
     * Ability: Enigmas (S)
     Mind Probe allows you to see into the thoughts of another,
searching out the information you seek withought worring about
weather the person is telling you the truth about what they know.
     System:  Make a manipulation + enigmas roll, difficulty of
the subjects willpower.  At least three success are needed to
find all the information you desire, one will give some sketchy
related details, and five will allow you to access anything you
want, digging up any related details of the sought after
***** ** True Seeing: 1k
     Though Mind is the art of opening youself to all
possibilites, it also seeks to weed out the truth from all lies.
By spending a point of positive karma, you may see the world
unfiltered by any form of illusion or artifice, especially
magical, until the end of the scene.  This power will not detect
weather a person is lieing to you or not, but all sensory input
you recieve will be as the world really is, unfiltered by any
form of illusion or masking.  True Seeing also allows you to
sense the presense of magic itself.  Thus, you may tell what
school a particular spell or enchantment is from, and see things
that exist only magically.
     System:  No roll is required to activate or maintain the
power.  After you spend the one turn and one karma to activate
True Seeing, it remains in affect as long as you wish.
***** *** Telepathy: 1k
     Establish a mental link with another person.  As long as you
maintain concentration, you may speak or share thoughts with them
almost as if your minds were one.
     System:  No roll is required, but you must know the person
you wish to contact.
***** **** Entrance: 2k
     * Ability: Subterfuge (S)
     (enchant person)  Entrance allows you to gain complete
domination over the mind of another.  The subject will be you
willing slave, open to any suggestions you make as to thier
activities.  You must have eye contact with your subject to use
this power.  Entrance may not force someone to do something that
is against thier moral code or would cause great harm to
themselves or a loved one.  Minor infringements on the subjects
beliefes allow them to make a willpower roll to break the spell,
and a order causeing direct violation of a major code allows them
to break out automatically.  Repeated castings may reset the
duration, but not add to it.
     System:  Make a subterfuge roll, difficulty of the subjects
willpower.  Your success determine the length of the
duration of entrancement, by successes
     1: one minute
     2: one hour
     3: one day
     4: one week
     5: one month
***** ***** Omnisence: 1k
     By mentally asking a question, you may recieve the answer so
long as any person, or collection of persons, knows the
information you seek.  Omnipresense may only request facts,
things such as intentions, emotions and current train of thought
are too abstract for the power.  You are also limited by your
capacity to comprehend the information recieved.  Asking a
question with an involved answer, ie, 'how do I construct a
nuclear device', will leave you so flooded with information that
you will forget the vast majority of it.  In fact, if you ask
such a question and recieve a volumnous amount of information,
the overload may cause a derangement (probabaly either a fixation
or phobia with the subject of the question.)  Such information
may be recieved by asking a series of more specific questions,
and recording them, ie 'How many parts do I need to build a
nuclear device';'what is one of the parts';'what is another
part';'where can I most easily get the ';'what do I do with
', etc.
     System:  No roll is required to use the power, but if get an
information overload, you must make a willpower roll, diff. 8, or
the storyteller should choose an appropiate derangement.  Even
succeeding in the roll will leave you stunned for short period of