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Mr. Lincoln on Class Warfare

Cleaning out my ‘Stickies’ app; don’t recall where I picked this up from.

You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence.
You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.

……..Abraham Lincoln (see comment)

Word for the day: Stigmergy

Stimulation of workers by the performance they have achieved, e.g., in ant colonies.

One of those cases where a word you’ve never noticed before shows up twice in one day:

Background research starting here:

and expanded version, page 12

Putting My Code Where My Mouth Is

Not that I talk about copyrights much, but I am sympathetic to the causes calling for a reduction of the current insane periods.

A belated holiday present: I’m releasing all my old software – probably written somewhere between 1985 and 1994 – into the public domain. I’ve dredged up most of the source code, but no promises – I don’t have any of the compilers these were written on (and if even if I’ve got install disks packed away somewhere, I don’t have the operating systems in working order)

There are even a few things I hadn’t previously released before.

Professor Freeman’s Miniature Cranes

I was at Shaun and Jen’s wedding over the weekend. Cornell College professor Jim Freeman was also there, so I thought this might be of some interest to those who knew him.

I saw him fiddling with something tiny in the church, but didn’t really pay much attention. Later we found out that he was folding tiny paper cranes. He fills lamps with them, and is giving away three for Christmas this year. At about 1600 a piece, these are understandably reserved for close relatives and other very special people.

It certainly beats twiddling your thumbs.

He also talked about how to duplicate a sphere by rotating it. I could actually follow the basic concept, but I won’t try to reproduce it ;^)


Anyone going to Cornell homecoming? I’m planning on going down Thursday night to see if any CS classes are eligible for the alumni visits on Friday, for old times sake. The 10-year is probably one of the better chances to be much of anything. I’ve also been of the mind to check in with the CS professors, given is my main interest right now and I’ve been kind of pausing to check my direction in life.

Personal finance question

What do you do with interest? I had put it into income, which was fine when I just had the bank-account interest. Now I’ve got a 401k and other funds, which sometimes experience large drops and wipe out ‘income’ for the month, even though my immediate situation is no near so dire.

Launch party

It’s been a while since I had a party, and the release of Disk Clock is a pretty good excuse to celebrate. I’m going to keep it fairly low key, so I apologize if there isn’t much warning – I’m going to give Saturday April 26th a shot. Say, about 2-6pm, but I’ll still be glad to see you if you care to come by some other time. Any hints about whether and when you will be dropping be would be quite helpful in planning.

Edit: that’s when DC looks like this:

As most of you know, I don’t throw wild parties. Expect talking, a little food, and perhaps some board games, or physical video games – DDR or Wii, if they company cares for it.

If you haven’t gotten an e-mail invite, I probably don’t have your address in my list – drop me a note if you’d like to come.

New For Spring

A meandering discussion of events mostly recent, some slightly old, and a small number rather far past. Including the revelation that my software label, Computer Generated Dreams, now has an independent web site, an expanded logo, business cards, and official registration with the county. Relating also the various and sundry difficulties encountered in the obtaining thereof.

New Address went live some time Sunday night.
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41 Pounds of Junk Mail

Supposedly, the average amount a person receives in a year. I’ve started getting serious about reducing mine, and early on I got pointed to 41 Pounds, which will take care of several steps for you.

Unfortunately, a large portion of mine comes from charity solitations, which they won’t touch.

House-owning party

Well, my ISP is having mail trouble, but so far all of the distant people who have shown interest are also on LJ.

The party is coming up this weekend. If you just want to drop by for a bit, 2-6 pm Saturday (5/26) will give you the best chance of meeting people (and vice-versa) I’ve still got the entire weekend set aside if anybody wants to hang out longer, but so far nobody has shown much interest in that option.

Anyway, if you are coming, could you please tell me about when?