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Yup, That’s a Clogged Print Head

How Not To Make Cheese Popcorn

Do not place cheese and popping corn in pan. Corn will not pop. Or rather, it will try, and fail due to interference from the cheese. Do not wait too long for popping sounds that will never come. Do not ignore smoke.

My hometown just got slashdotted

Lucky 7′s

I could probably calculate the odds on this, and perhaps find them unimpressive, but I don’t feel much like it at the moment.

Message count in three consecutive e-mailboxes:

Harp: 7
Home: 77
Lists: 777

NES now being used as enterprise data server

Yes, as in the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment system.

Page 3

I suppose we should chalk it up to the dangers of indiscriminate clip-art usage. ;^)


Like, I suspect, most people, I have a crazy uncle,0,4661154.story?coll=la-home-local

Like most of my relatives, I don’t have actualy memories of him. I do have some vauge and fleeting memories of visiting Boomeria long ago.

Why, Oh Why…

Is there (most) of a dead chipmunk on my deck?

It must be said that my tiny little sort-of-deck is on the second floor, with no overhanging trees. I suppose it could have a made a suicidal leap from the roof, but I wouldn’t have quite expected half of it completely disintegrate. Running theory is some bird of prey grabbed it, had a snack, and dumped the remainder.

Either that or someone is trying to hex me. Anybody know a curse involving most of a chipmunk? (Inflicting a high squeaky voice perhaps? ;^) )

Seen on a church sign:

“Pastor Brian told me to change the sign. So I did”


I just looked at my library receipt again. The audiobooks are due on 06-06-06. Playing two of three titles has so far resulted in no demon summonings, so I think I’m safe ;^)


I forgot to bring bread to work today, to make PB&J (or, in this case, tahini and peach butter) However, someone brought doughnuts…