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Five Birds in the Bush

Ah, those vicious decisions. Focus on one thing, and I mourn for dead ideas. Indulge my interests, and the surer bets seem to languish for want of attention.

My interest in Disk Clock faded after a total lack of marketing doomed my brief attempt at selling Disk Clock in the Chrome store. I’ve marked it as free, and released Moon Disk and Disk Calendar. I’m of a mind to approach Scott Thrift about doing a version for The Present, and I’ll need an annual movement to show off.

Meanwhile, on the actually making money front, I’ve been in touch with someone looking for Rails tutoring, and I’ve a got a line on another training opportunity which could lead to some small but passive income.

My compatriot on the startup project is sure it’s fundable with a little more work, which would solve the immediate money trouble, and be it’s own adventure.

On Reflection

Another year rolls by. I never really got into new-years-resolutions, but I have been in the habit of reviewing my progress every quarter or so. I actually let a review pass me by this fall, but I sat down for a brief bit of reflection a few weeks ago.

It seems to be a year filled with fail. My goal for the year was to make some money from a new income source – not even sustainable, just get something started. I calculated a new set of average expenses and the money remaining won’t last the year.

Meanwhile it seems that I can’t help helping people, so I’m doing yet more work for free.

Siggnal didn’t have a nibble, so I behind to try working on a collaborative project. That’s been dropped in favor of another one, and I find we are often at odds as what that is to become. I’m constantly amazed at how often a day disappears without significant progress. E-mail, meetups, grocery shopping, cooking (and blogging – I’ve grown more hesitant to do conference reviews. And go to (or pay for going to) conferences) Even thought the products are my default activity, I don’t seem to get there very often.

Resolutions for the quarter start with “moving the ball” – starting with projects and doing the miscellany during breaks. The holiday break was splendid for this – no martial arts or meetups, so I plenty of time to cycle between projects and other todos without an immanent deadline. It really makes me question if I need to be doing so many extra activities.

It looks like I’ll need to take on some sort of contracting work. It will start small – paying attention and seeing what comes up in conversations. As I approach the next quarterly review, I may have to get more proactive.