Working and Not Working

The year since leaving steady employment has been a study in contrasts. On one hand I’m busier than ever, and on the other I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere.

Having the freedom of my time has allowed me to attend various user groups and conferences. I spent a lot of time preparing presentations for some of them, but haven’t taken it far enough to get more than the cost of the conference, and once a hotel stay.

I think as close as I’ve gotten to an ideal day is making some progress, perhaps doing something else for a break, and then getting more done. In practice I usually start trying to check off items from the to-do list, and watch that turn into an all-day event. Or at least enough of the day – evenings are usually filled with martial arts or user groups. Sometimes it seems like the only days I make real progress are when nothing is really going on, and I can chew the usual round of email, laundry, groceries, etc. and then get a few hours of measurable progress, which actually seems to be a fairly rare event.

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