New York: Driving to Newburgh

Sunday, July 3

It so happened that a family wedding coincided (within a week anyway) with a programming conference. After a small course correction for “New York State” vs. “New York City” anyway ;^)

I drove out with my parents; their brilliant plan to avoid an extra night in an expensive New York hotel was to start driving very early. I’d say it was the butt-crack of dawn, but it was earlier than that. I believe we started at two, so I had to be up even earlier to finalize and drive down to my parents house. Despite several reminders that we could take over at any time, my father drove the whole twelve-hour (fourteen with stops) trip himself.

On the upside, we got a front row seat for dawn, with a gradual reddening of the horizon revealing valleys filled with mist, which scattered with the rising sun. Once the sun was up, we could also see many of the exposed rock formations going through the hilly country of Pennsylvania

The hotel my parents picked was right next to the Orange County Choppers store/workshop. The TV show is often on when I’m at my parent’s house, but for some reason I’d always assumed Orange County was in Florida or California.

After checking in at the hotel, we headed into Newburgh. It has a very broad broadway, although the town looks a little distressed, with rolling shutters on most storefronts. There were rumors of a picnic, but the rain we passed through on the way in put a damper on that, so we got taken out for friend chicken at the store instead.

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