Iowa Trip: Amana Colonies

Wednesday, May 4

Early Wednesday morning, figuring Amana businesses probably wouldn’t be open yet, I headed for one of the walking trails identified on the map. It was organized as a set of successively longer loops, and I opted for the longest one. I must have misread something however, because whereas I thought it would be a complete loop, the furthest section was actually a dead end. I barged on anyway, getting quite thoroughly lost for a while. First I was in country thick with thornbushes, and after searching on for a bit I realized that this was quite out of character with the rest of the trails. Then I found my way back to some semi-maintained grassy trails, but these were also out of character with the dirt ones in the park. Somehow, after doubling back, I stumbled across a gateway that returned me to the trails proper.

In the afternoon I wandered around the main Amana village a little. There was a local artist’s cooperative chocolatiers, an Amana museum, and lunch at a restaurant in an old communal kitchen hall. Once again, it looks like good antiquing country, but it’s not quite my thing. I also think I might have liked it better at a busy time (It seems I just missed Maifest, which was going on while I was at the various weddings) when I could blend in a little. There were so few people that I draw lots of attention. A couple of the shopkeepers seemed kind of dour and unwelcoming. Some lingering resentment towards the capitalist lifestyle, or were they they just reflecting my own disinterested attitude?

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