Fingerless Gloves

As my old, fairly light duty, gloves have been wearing out, I have been trying out various pairs. The first set I tried was a dense material that make it nearly impossible to use my camera, lacking tactile feedback. The next set permitted some tactile sense, but overall seemed too heavy for mild weather. And, though I try not to get caught up in appearances, the forest camo patterns isn’t my favorite.

My latest experiment (after several times having to remove a glove to fit in a tight space or do something that required greater tactile perception) is fingerless gloves with a pull-over mitten cover.

So far I’ve only had them out on two fairly mild days. I think the wrist may be a little short, permitting a small draft; this could probably be addressed with greater care to layering with the jacket sleeve. The mitten hand is just about useless, if for instance I want something from my pocket, but it converts easily, and overall I really like the feel of them. Perhaps it’s just the novelty, but I almost want to leave them on indoors.

This pair, by Rothco, is rather cheaply made however, and the wrist drawstring broke the first time I went to cinch it up – I don’t think it’s fatal since keeping the ends together is mostly a convenience.

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