So in all the madness and messiness of punching a hole in my wall, I forgot that the day we worked on it, February 21, is almost exactly ten years after I bought the house (discounting the mortgage) on February 22. Funny how a signing a bunch of papers sticks with you.

My father came back to finish up today. Aligning the cabinet, painting the trim, and thankfully not making nearly as big of a mess.

Now there is just the matter of the cabinet we borrowed from above the fridge to put above the sink/window. (It was shorter) I could leave it open and set stuff on the fridge, but wouldn’t have any dust protection. I could look for a replacement cabinet. I’ve pondered that perhaps a deeper cabinet (sticking out over the fridge) with a lazy suzan might be a lot easier to get to. Or maybe I could just set something similar on top the fridge.

A while back I had the vent pipe from the bathroom extended up so it hopefully wouldn’t spew it’s humid air into the attic space. When we were up in the attic Saturday, we discovered that the people who installed the vent pipe put it in place with duct tape which has since slid down.

We reattached it a little more properly, but in the process discovered that it had a bend which was full of condensed steam. While we discovered this before straightening it out, the process of getting the pipe propped up in the right place still dumped a bunch of water into the bathroom.

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