Speed Bump in Vegas

No major updates this week, and I’m even late in talking about it. Last week I had to go to Vegas for a business trip (RFID show) I knew that was coming, although I was partly guessing – It turns out I never got the flight confirmation. Now I was quite certain that I had been asked about leaving Tuesday night. But when I started inquiring about the details Monday I found out that we were in fact leaving that evening – fortunately this was early enough for me to go home and pack. The flight also had very few people, so the late checkin didn’t cause any trouble.

I really wanted that extra day though. Beyond party prep (and various long overdue projects) I had to quickly beg my neighbors to pull in my fruit box and milk off the porch. That spared the worst of it – but I still had to deal with box of fruit that had been sitting in it’s own concentrated ethylene for several days (lots of banana bread; the rest was doing okay) I also turned some milk into yogurt (probably a little too much) And of course I had to supply regular meals after carefully emptying the house out for the trip (and a short detoxifying fast over the weekend before.)

I got the bulk of the cleaning done Tuesday, and was able to finish diagramming out the martial arts form late that night. Things would be clearing up, except for an earlier mistake coming back to bite me hard.

A few months ago, I had to estimate a software project using a radically new platform for us. My mistake was omitting the usual x2 multiplier on the casual comment that a multiplier would be added to the final quote anyway. Now a schedule for the best of all possible worlds is being held up as a divine right, while the technology involved is being extraordinarily uncooperative.

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