New World Order

MacBook Pro, self picture
It appears the photo application is attempting to use the screen as a flash.

Re: title: I’ve got an audio book about Illuminati going currently (Angels & Demons)

In any case, after running windows for years (and still using it at work), then linux, I figured I might as well complete the survey of the big three operating systems. Of course, the machintosh OS has become UNIX based, so its quite likely I won’t be leaving much behind my aging linux system.

The old PC, now running on 9 years, is holding out remarkably well considering. It has had two machine check exceptions in the last week, so it may be a good time to be transferring away.


  1. YES! You have seen the light! (isn’t it bright? :P )

    I hope you’re really happy with it. I adore mine.

  2. trifthen says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You’ve joined the dark side! Poor Justin… ;)