41 Pounds of Junk Mail

Supposedly, the average amount a person receives in a year. I’ve started getting serious about reducing mine, and early on I got pointed to 41 Pounds, which will take care of several steps for you.

Unfortunately, a large portion of mine comes from charity solitations, which they won’t touch.


  1. trifthen says:

    I can’t decide if this is a very creative scam or not. You see, you can opt out of basically any and all of those pesky credit card applications for several years with a free service with a phone call (1–888-567-8688) or using this:


    I did this several years ago, and my ridiculous volume of credit applications that numbered in the dozens per week dropped almost instantly down to zero, save the convenience checks my own credit card company tries to get me to use. 41 Pounds may get more, but credit-card applications seem to be the vast, vast majority of junk mail.

  2. admin says:

    I almost never get credit cards applications. After the one I had canceled for lack of use, I guess they decided I wasn’t a good target.