Do you believe?

In some underlying order to the world? I tend to side with science most of the time. And of course you only remember the coincidences.

A woman exits, leaving a nearly empty purfume container to remember her by. First thing I do is open up a fortune cookie from lunch, since, well, I’ve got to eat them some time.

“The love of your life will appear in front of you unexpectedly”

No, everything isn’t going as well. In some ways this makes it worse. I might be more willing to talk in a more personal context.


  1. trifthen says:

    Justin, science is merely an expression of our pervasive desire to understand our surroundings. The reality, whether guided by proverbial threads of fate or cruel irony, is sometimes far removed from the stark logic people like you and I normally expect.

    I’ve deemed this my WTF theory, and it never fails. ;)

  2. msphat says:

    Thank you for your particular brand of esotericness. :-)

  3. flower76 says:

    :( **hug**